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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Oasis1, Aug 9, 2005.

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    I have a business going now, its a lan center. When i started i had a couple friends from the job i was at that wanted to be 'partners'. But when it came time to build the place out, which took 3 months of 18-20 hour days, they were nowhere to be found. When loans were being secured, they were nowhere to be found. When it came down to running this place every single day...still nowhere to be found. When i was spending hours upon hours researching the area, the business, licensing, etc...I was the ONLY one doing that. They figured that because they were around me when the idea was forming, that they were 50-50 partners

    So no..they aren't 'partners', and when they got enlightened to they arent 'friends'. No big loss. Because my REAL friends were the guys that i've known forever that DID help me during buildout and were there pretty much the entire time, and didnt ask for anything but pizza and beer for their work. Being that they were my friends, I still paid them for their time, because without them i wouldnt have been able to get it done, but they have NEVER asked for a partnership or a cut or anything like that. However they do come here and play for free, as do their kids, and i have absolutely no problem with that at all because i know if I asked them again, they would do it again in an would I for them.

    The point of this long winded reply is that a TRUE friend is someone that knows who the boss is, knows who is the guy that's putting his neck on the block to open up a new business, and wouldnt ask for a cut of something they have no stake in.
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    Thanks for all the responses. You guys respond pretty fast. Some things I left out in my first thread was that I pay him 30% of the jobs in less they were landscaping jobs. When we do those I pay him roughly 40%. To me I pay him to much but he was the only on that would help me when I needed it 2 years ago. Also with fall coming up there is no way that I could handle all the work by myself only doing it part time. So that puts me in another pickle. And one more thing he did get a couple of jobs for me.
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    ok i know i already posted a reply, but i have some more things to say. first of all NEVER NEVER NEVER pay him a percentage becuase that alone will lead him to believe that he is part of this with you. pay him a wage!!! as far as him getting a couple of jobs for you, i know how you feel, but you have to put your foot down, because if you let things to continue to go the way they are going then you could cause s lot more complications as well as lose a good friendship. as far as getting help when you really need an extra hand, drive to the local home depot or wherever and find yourself a couple of amigos because they are always eager to work. just make sure that you do not take advantage of there helping hands. pay them well and i can asure you they will work hard for you. definately harder then a good friend

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