Partnering with Irrigation Contractors?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by heygrassman, Mar 2, 2002.

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    I am looking to offer irrigation as part of my suite of services. I do not plan on offering these services myself for a few years. I am looking to partner with someone in the business that is established and either GC the work and sub it out or refer.

    Are there a few items (1-3) that I can research to brush up enough to weed out the ones that don't have a clue about irrigation. The big boys will prob not want to play, so I am going to have to look to some smaller guys or startups and I want someone that is quality.

    I intend to view work and take references. I am looking for some initial interview items that are fundamental that I can research.

    Thanks in advance.


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    This is exactly what I did over the winter. I teamed up with another company, that all they do is irrigation and more of the heavier landscaping(decks, patios; retaining walls). They do not mow, fertilize, seed or any of the things that I do. So they send me all of their mowing referalls and I send them all of the heavier landscaping jobs.

    What I did was talk to the owner went and visited his shop made sure he was legit and asked him for a few references. He did the same for himself.

    So far everything has worked out great.
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    There's a place here called The home Enhancment center. It's owned by a landscaper, but has offices of several different businesses. They include a landscaper, undrground sprinklers, lawn care, and fencing, Here are some of thier web sites:,,,
    They work on a referal basis, often bidding the different aspects of a project together. They complement eachother well but retain thier individual specialties. I used to work for some of them so I can speak from a little expierience. I'm curently thinking of hooking up with a sprinkler and retaining wall contractor with kind of the same arrangment but without the contral office location.
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    We started out doing this. First we found an irrigation guy and then when I bid a job, I'd bring him along with me and mark up his price a little, keeping the profit for myself. He would install the entire system and we'd pay him directly.

    Next, I went to working with another contractor. By this time, I had learned enough about irrigation that we could do almost an entire install without his help. So sometimes if he wasn't busy I'd give him an entire irrigation install. Other times, when he was very busy with his own stuff, he'd install the backflow device and we'd do the rest. Finally, I learned how to install backflow devices myself and we have mostly been doing them on our own since then. But he's still available for us to help us in case we get into trouble, which is nice.

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