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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by littleo92, Sep 18, 2007.

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    Has any body used or have any info on if this would be a good way to add to my advertising

    They are an advertising info card to aide in realtors in putting there info out at open houses and mailings that they send out. Their info is on the front and then on the back they sell 2" by 2" area's on the back with different contractors advertisement info on the cards, the card is 4"x 9", each realtor sends out over 10,000 cards. And no other competitor would be on the same card.

    They told me a local realtor had given my number to them. All though I do not know how because I have not done any business with this person. I'm not complaining because either. This came about when I hit this company up about how they got my info because most of the realtors have set company’s they would refer to these people.

    I talk in length with this company and it sounds very interesting. The cost for me to ok them to put me on is pretty reasonable.

    If I can get any insight about this service before I go with it I would greatly appreciate it
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    Hmmm. Sounds like they are just trying to sell you something you could really do yourself.

    David has gone in with a couple of local realtors here. He not only keeps his cards at their offices. But, he has deals with them where they swing a lot of clean-ups, forclosure clean-ups, and regular service for houses that are for sell or new customers that just bought in the area. He just does an extra good job on all the accounts and gives them no complaints or worries. I know when one of the agency's call, I call David ASAP. He keeps time in his schedual for stuff like that and usually if I have to schedual them in with the regular route they have no problem. On occasion there is a deadline. That's when I get to mow the grass, too. :)

    Just invest in a nice simple business card and start looking into making nice with a couple of realtors in your area. Start with the guy they said referred you to them. If they didn't give you his name, I would be skeptical. But really, if you do good work and talk to the realtors, they may start sending you a little work.

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