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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by twins_lawn_care, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. twins_lawn_care

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    Well, I have been going on and on about how this year has worked out well for TWINS Lawn Care, even though we started with partners, and now am informing everyone, that my partner has decided to not continue with the business next year.
    I have no bad feelings about this, as we have talked about the future of the business before, and he just did not seem to have the drive to put the effort into the business to continue to make it successful.
    Now TWINS Lawn Care will be a solo operation, and I'll be trying to organize things a lot better to be able to work smarter.
    Not much of a question here, but would appreciate any tips, advice on where to go from here. Part of me sees the business as too much to handle alone, and part of me sees this chance great for me to put all of my ideas into effect, and watch the business boom. I guess I am just hunting for some reassurance that going solo is the right idea.
    Thanks for all your help and advice!:help:
  2. TRex

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    Most people on hear say not to partner up at all and you are usually the one to say it can work. It is funny how things work out, but I think it is to your benefit and the parting did not get messy like most do when a break-up happens. Most people here started out solo and as they grew hired a helper or two to keep things moving and growing. The helpers should carry the labor load that the partner had and cost a lot less than paying him half.
  3. twins_lawn_care

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    I agree Trex, that I was the one saying it "can" work, and it was for us. We both just felt he wasn't really going to be able to carry his half next year, and so we split while we were not in too deep. I am a little disappointed, because I would have liked it to work out for both of us, but I gotta look out for me and my family first, so onwards and upwards I go!payup
  4. dvmcmrhp52

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    Partnerships are typically not a good Idea for the average person.
    Most of them break up because there is no one person to say this is it,this is the direction we are going........usually ends up a little sticky. But then some work out fine. Good luck,if you need to you can always downsize a bit until you are ready for more growth. Slow and easy gets you there with all your sanity intact.LOL.
  5. zimm4

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    I was always told that if you need a partner you should not be in business.
    Did I listen heck no. I learned the hard way. The one thing in my favor. It happened after 6 months. No cash by out.

    My golden rule. Never start a business with a friend or family member.

  6. A1 Grass

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    Like I've said before, "two things that suck": business partners and roommates
  7. Green in Idaho

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    And NEVER form a business partnership with a love interest (other than a spouse-some cases).

    I am currently guilty of that and it is disintegrating (the business that is- the relationship already did).

    And then when new love interests come along there is always "and you used to 'be with' your current business partner?" NOT an easy situation and not a good one either....
  8. Southpaw

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    When I first talked to my wife about getting a partner into this business, she said "Oh Hell No". I said, but, but, I can help with the taxes and insurance and the quickbooks and I can have this guy help me learn all about mowing and time saving techniques. He has good equipment. I can help with sales and new accounts and he can manage the crew. "Nope, no way". My CPA also advised against it.

    Ha Ha, my wife IS my CPA! LOL. SHE is my partner. Not some other person that will compete against me in my own neighborhood with access to my customers.

    I have found a great guy that works for me and although he would love to have his own business someday, he won't be ready for several years. I pay him above average wages and he is as happy as a clam.

    IMHO, partnerships that work out great are rare because people have differing ideals and work ethics. They have different goals and different attitudes.

    Unless you have no choice due to lack of equipment or lack of financial support, a partner can be a big thorn in your side.

    BTW Twins, how did the insurance settlement turn out with the wrecked van? Are your injuries healed and back on your feet yet?

    Oh, and how happy are clams? They are very happy if they are little neck clams when you saute them with some au jus, marinara, garlic, a dash of Worcestershire and a side of toasted bread. LOL
  9. olderthandirt

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    I must be the exception, I have a partner and have had one for 8 yrs. I think the reason it works is were not equal partners its 2/3 me and 1/3 him amd we both know whats expected of the other. Since were not equals I suppose I'm the "boss" But we both make decisions if there is a dispute my words final. I think the reason it has worked is that we both knew this coming in. Problems do arise and we do argue, but its like marrage you can either bail out when the goings tough or stick it out. I can't say it will last forever but its worked out this long and were both happy with the arrangment. Jm2cents

  10. Green in Idaho

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    Good one, OTD.

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