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    I have a small scale fertilizer/pesticide business, and I am looking to grow a lot this year. However, I am currently working full time at another job and trying to build enough accounts to be full time with the lawn business next year. I have a decent advertising budget, but not great. My selling point over my competitors is that I have a Master's degree in Horticulture/Turfgrass Management.

    I have a friend that is starting a mowing business. He cannot afford to do much advertising this year, but has a lot of time on his hands. I have proposed that I let him work under my name, pay for 5000 door hangers that advertise for him as well as me, and he would be responsible for putting them out, because I just don't have time. He would also be responsible for helping me with the 5000 door hangers I have that advertise for me only. And, also, on all of my other advertising (I plan on putting out 5000-10000 postcards this year) I would state that mowing services are available.

    I have several quesitons regarding all of this.

    (1) Does this seem fair to both parties?
    (2) What would you say are the advantages/disadvantages of a partnership? I plan on this being a 1 year thing rather than a partnership, because I believe that there is a lot more money in my end of it. However, I also see the benefits of a "full service lawn care company." And, if i ever plan on having a full service lawn care company and we have worked together for a year, we would almost have to be partners. I just couldn't cut his legs out from him later.

    I know this is a horribly long post, but I appreciate you reading this far and appreciate all advice.

    thank you,
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    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks MJ.

    i am not concerned about my friend not doing quality work, but if he is working under my name I'm more concerned about things like, invoicing. i don't want to print all his invoices, but i want them to look professional, etc.

    He just bought his mower last week, and has no accounts as of right now. So, that is the reason that he has no budget for advertising.

    I am leaning towards what you suggested: paying him this year, and letting him help me build my business and vica versa. Then, after this year, letting him take all his mowing accounts and going our separate ways, but still referring one another.

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