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    Starting a lawn care service. Looking at a business partnership with another guy. We don't really want to create an LLP or LLC at this time due to the cost (perhaps next year). Is anyone else organized as a partnership? If so, how would you decide how to split costs/profits if one is operating it full-time and the other is doing it on the side?
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    Mow-Co - I am a sole prop not partnership, but I have read enough on here to know that you have to be very careful about partnerships, how you set them up, and when the consequences can be if it is 'dissolved' for one reason or another. Others will chime in to give you advice....
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    you need to incorperatate it shelters 15% of your money up to 20000 dollars. it pretty much saved me 2 grand in 2 months otherwise you will pay a self employment tax, talk to a good accountant, avoid a partnership they seem to go bad and then theres less profit fo r you

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