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  1. rixtag

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    I have an opportunity to bid on a large commercial property and I will have to get some outside help to make it all work. I have a friend that helps me out when I am sick and I help him when he needs it. He has 3 guys and I have me. We estimate about 8 man hours for this property. I am only part time and he is full time. I will be making the proposal and it will be my lco that has primary responsibility. (My doctor is in the park and he referred me). All paperwork and presence is strictly mine.

    My question is, from your experiences, what things should I be doing to protect my interests and what sort of things should I be on the lookout for?

    I can provide more info if it will help.

    Bid will be submitted today.


  2. Highpoint

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    Sounds like a pain in the @@@@@. First, you're going to have the responsibility of providing insurance. Your friend will proabably have to match it and have a copy of his on file with you and the establishment. Trying to figure out the profit split will be difficult. Naturally, he'll want more. Bottom line, Helping out once in a while can be helpful for the both of you but i'd be willing to bet you could make the same money this job will generate by just getting a few more personal accounts. Get a part time helper. Good luck.
  3. rodfather

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    Get the account first. Then worry about how you're going to handle it.
  4. rixtag

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    is there anybody out there? Surely there must be more than 2 people that have something to say.

  5. E-man

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    I agree with Highpoint, with a situation like this there is always going to be some bickering. Save your friendship and find a few other accounts . (like suggested)

    just my 2 cents
  6. HBFOXJr

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    Does anyone ever say no, that is not in my scope of work??? Do people have to say yes to everyone one for everything???

    Stick to what fits your styleand circumstance unless your want to step up to the next level.
  7. Randy Scott

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    My first thought is if you could even bid something this large and bid it so it's profitable. If you've never done anything this big you may underbid and then really be stuck, or overbid and be way off base. Perhaps your friend can help you bid it correctly, but the whole deal just seems like a problem waiting to happen. The general consensus about something to this level, or any type of partnership, is to just steer clear of it.
  8. RON66106

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    Is this job 8 man hous total? If it is why do you need help? 8hours work for 8 hours pay! I have a job that takes me 10 hours to do and I get it done. Summer is coming and there will be a kid lookin for a job. Hang in there nothin ventured nothin gained.
  9. rixtag

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    Highpoint, Eman, This job is too big for both of us separately but together we can make some good money, it's close to home and it is relatively new.

    HBFOX, I think about saying no alot and this is not one of those times.

    My personal doctor is one of the board members and he gave me the general range at which the last years bids were. As in my original post I only do this part time. The HOA wants it done in one day and I don't work on sunday. Saturday is the only day I have with my wife and the new baby is due on Apr 9th.

    The beauty of this agreement is that my friend has a 3 man crew and he wants me to only mow, not weed not fertilize and no cleanups. I charge hourly for both of the mowers I use and walk away until next week. I lost a contract at the end of last season that made $280 per month, this will be $300-400 and about 1 more hour per week.

    This info is important to me ....keep it comin'


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