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    Decided that this spring I'll just leave the plow and chain on the 25 year old Craftsman lawn tractor. I got a decent off season deal on a Hustler Z Kaw 23/60 and am counting the days 'til my first mowing in April. With just 3 acres this may be overkill but I hope a commercial machine will be hassle free and I anticipate turning a 3 hr. chore into 1 hr. of fun. In reading other posts I come to find that the life expectancy of the mower is more than mine (with only about 30hrs./yr. use) and this leads to a concern in that when I have a problem, in lets say 20 yrs., I'll have difficulty obtaining parts. Are parts now available for mowers sold back in the 80's? Should I stock up on items such as spindle bearings, electric switches, idler arms and pulleys,etc. which have been mentioned as troublesome? It's not a major investment. Well, thanks for indulging my paranoia.

    An unrelated question. I'm located an equal distance from the two Hustler dealers in central New Jersey, south of Princeton. Can you say which has more experience servicing Hustler mowers?
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    we still sell parts today for mowers we made in the 70's.
    There will not be a issue with getting any parts for your mower for many many years.


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