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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by AndyL, Apr 12, 2002.

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    Hey folks,

    Just picked up a new (to me) aerator... It's a run into the ground LA28, probably at least a decade old. But it was Dirt cheap (100$) with a good strong engine and seemingly ok frame!

    After running a 28 last year for the first time, I'll never go back to LA4/5s (or those horrid claussens) It was a most excelent find! I wasn't going to offer aerations this year because I wasn't going to 'reduce' myself to buying a LA4 (which would have been all I could afford)

    Just curious if anyone knows a source for a parts book? I called all the local ryan dealers and they couldn't supply one (but they were willing to look up parts (with the number of parts I'll need, that will be one BIG long distance bill)) I called Ryan and got bounced from person to person to voicemails... And then finally told to contact my dealer! Not overly impressive!

    I know most of the parts are generic, got all new chains, sprockets, some springs, and other bits locally with great ease, but there are others that are harder to get my hands on (like a shaft for the drive wheels)

    There has to be a way to get my hands on a parts book! Where can I get it? Or is there a part # for the book?

    I'm off to go build a new handlebar, and see if I can still braze gotta make the 'hood' 1 piece again... And get stoned on rattlecan fumes :blob2:

  2. Send me a serial # so we have the correct model year and I will try to get my dealer to at least make a copy of the parts list for you. If I can get it I'll e-mail it.

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