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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by BSME, Jun 14, 2005.

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    any of you have a parts counter? One company in our area does but I've never seen it. We're looking at moving out of the house garage and into an actual office. There was a new distributor that went out of business that would have the perfect space. How would my distributors feel about me having a parts counter. Mayber Srinkler guy #2 would have an idea
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    Congrats first. Moving out of the truck/garage to a true retail space sounds like a giant leap to me. If your counter is retail, and by that I mean I wouldn't cut my "on the truck" price by more than 10%, I don't think the wholesale dist. should mind a bit. I would caution that counter sales are promoting the customer doing their own minor repairs. Upside to this is they would be using quality parts that you are making a profit off of. Obvious down side is you aren't getting to do the work. I think the up of providing contrator grade at a profit would out weigh the down because of those customers you know are using hardware store quality because they won't pay the service call and labor.

    Again, congrats and good luck.
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    yea I figure there will always be homeowners who refuse to call the sprinkler company to fix a mist head. At least this way they don't have to go to home depot. The idea is that if they would have a knowledgable sprinkler guy at the counter helping them with what they need and hopefully could drum up more business when they decide it would be too much work and just have us schedule an appointment. I figure having a parts counter would help allow us to hold bigger inventory.

    as long as the parts at the counter are the same as when we charge for parts and labor when we come to your house... I don't see us losing a lot of calls
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    It works for someone here in CO Springs....she and her husband seem to do pretty well. Their parts prices are very high, but they always have customers. And when the customer strikes out/gives up, he knows who to call. Last I heard, they were doing 3-5 installs per week and running 4 techs.

    Big problem I think is inventory...very expensive to stock a store. Heck, it is very expensive to stock a van or a truck, let alone a friggin store. If you have some cash to burn, go for it, but be prepared to spend some money on inventory and advertising so that the rest of the world knows about your idea :)

    Good luck, and enjoy those Saturday and Sundays, myself, I'll pass on that working the weekends stuff. Unless of course I am working at the pond!

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