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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Boltzie, Mar 30, 2003.

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    Is it possible to get parts for a 1984 Lawn-Boy? I need a new muffler and battery. This model is a 21" electric-start, self-propelled Lawn-Boy with no back-up pull string starter. I charged the battery last week for 36 hours, per the operator's manual. It won't even try to turn over. Also, there was excessive carbon build-up (1/4" thick) on the crankshaft plate (with the three port holes). I cleaned it as best as I could. The muffler had a small hole in the side and the muffler tubes had about 1/4" hardened carbon on them.

    This lawn mower has sat for approximately 8 to 10 years and is in excellent shape. I cleaned the air filter and the carb. The carb looked like new. I can't believe there isn't a pull chord on this thing. My great uncle kept receipts and this model (R8241AE) cost $500 back in 1984!!!! I sure hope I can get parts for this mower.

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    Hi Dan, Parts are available for your lawnboy, i have found the muffler but haven't found the battery yet, the number for the muffler is 684089 , they run about $70 from a dealer, if you could try to get the part number off the battery so i can try and find it for you.


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