Parts Online???


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Anderson IN
I was just setting here on a saterday night needing to order a part for my mower, but guess what, all the shops are closed on sunday. It would be nice to be able to order parts online or from a catalog. Does any one know of any. Also has any one put a snow plow on a Dixie Chopper. I have seen pictures of the plow in there flyer, but wanted to know how it worked and how much they are??

JC's Lawn Service


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I agree with you somewhat Chuck. BUT the only dealer around here who has what you want when you want it is well....lets just say he's not too nice. The huge dealer around here has good prices and selection but their mechanics are incompetent. All other dealers are pathetic. Also in a city of over 1/2 million the closest dealer is 20 minutes away and no dealers anywhere near any of my customers. So I am going to be doing most of my parts shopping by catalog. Parts delivered to my door, no wasted time or gas going to the dealer so I can wait in line. It's just simple economics, people want the best price and the best selection, and it doesn't hurt to smile every once in a while.