Parts Price difference between sources.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by leadarrows, Sep 9, 2006.

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    Many of you all ready know this I'M sure but for those that don't here is an experience buying parts I just had.

    Needed a roller bearing for a tub grinder I own. Nearest dealer of this brand is one state east of me so because it is powered by a John Deere motor I tried my local JD dealer first. Sure enough they could get me the part over night. Cool I said how much? $86.00 for one. I need two so $172.00....ouch.
    So I thought what the heck I'll try NAPA. ......$33.00 each. $66.00 I spend instead of $172.00.
    I sometimes forget that some items are universal. If they can cross reference the part numbers you may save a bundle.
    I almost just ordered the parts from JD and was going to be happy I didn't have to go to, or have them shipped in from Ohio to get them. Instead I got them locally...less than five miles from my house. Heck JD store is twenty miles even if the price had been the same it was worth the extra time to call around.
    Next I"m going to go Thu all my filters and find other sources for them.
    I wonder how much extra I have been paying for them all these years.
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    For a lot of stuff, generic parts sources are the way to go. Some parts though, I like to have the OEM parts JMO
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    I have a NAPA store by me that carries tons of bearings,filters and belts. Also there are many bearing and belt companies about 30 minutes from me. I can almost find all the bearings from suppliers other than the dealers. I will tell you that usually the dealer costs on bearings and other common parts is more than he could buy at NAPA or IBT ect. The dealer has to make thier money too. It's up to the consumer to decide who to pay.
    Check out some of the Lawnsite sponsors that sell parts also.

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