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    Just purchased a new Lazer 27 HP Kaw Liquid cooled a few weeks ago. In attempting to stock my parts for future use I am having extreme difficulty in obtaining a cannister air filter replacement(Donaldson) and also red ExMark touch up paint.

    Could you please give me guidance on where I might obtain these? Have checked several dealers and they have neither in stock. I prefer to internet order if possible.
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    Sorry for the inconvenience. The air filter is a little unique because it's only available as an Exmark part rather than as a Kawasaki part. You want to order p/n 93-2195. If this is one of the first liquid cooled units your dealer has sold he may be unaware that he needs to order that part through his Exmark distributor rather than his Kawasaki distributor.

    The red paint is p/n 1-850337 for an aerosol can. It'll run you about $7 per can and you may need to pay the freight. Sometimes the shipping companies get a little funny about shipping a pressurized can of flammable liquid so it can get a little expensive. A good substitute is International Harvester red. It's a little brighter and has a little more orange in it so try it in an obscure place. The good news it that it can be purchased at most hardware stores with no freight charges.



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