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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Southern Pride, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Southern Pride

    Southern Pride LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Memphis
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    So I just discovered I'm sure most of you have been aware of it forever. This site is AWESOME. I can order anything for my exmark, echo, redmax and john deere stuff (Lots of other brands too!) all the way down to the last bolt, gasket, washer, sticker whatever! They have every major mower and engine brand on here.

    I've been trying to do deal w my dealer lately about these parts and they are a pain in the ace. I hate dealers. Anyway it took me 10 mins to order air filter cover, pre filter air filter, a blower tube noone in town has for my Echo and some really cool exmark and kawasaki decals... Anyone that doesn't know about this place, you'll love it. Just thought I'd put this out there for guys like me who did not know.
  2. Alan0354

    Alan0354 LawnSite Platinum Member
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    I think they carry Shindaiwa too. I can order every single nuts and crannies to build an extension pole for my Shindaiwa multi tool which they don't even offer.

    Before I bought my electric pole saw, I was going to build a 3' extension for the M242 to extend the pole attachment to 12'.
  3. thenewbmower

    thenewbmower LawnSite Member
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    no gravely :confused::nono::hammerhead::dizzy:
  4. Sammy

    Sammy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I did a search for John Deere, Woods, Hustler and Grasshopper parts.
    Nothing came up. :hammerhead:And I do believe those are major brand name mowers.
  5. lawnboy dan

    lawnboy dan LawnSite Gold Member
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    best part is you can get parts for minor brands that no one else bothers with
  6. punt66

    punt66 LawnSite Fanatic
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    No Ferris either!
  7. Southern Pride

    Southern Pride LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Memphis
    Messages: 1,382

    I new you guys running hustler and ferris would be ticked. Sucks. I definitely would have thought they'd carry gravely and maybe hustler. I can understand no ferris woods or grasshopper though. You never see those mowers here in Memphis.
  8. PlantscapeSolutions

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    I think my first posting got deleted. See what happens this time. I use J Thomas and Russo Power for most of my stuff. Russo sells a lot of brands so they can get you OEM parts for less that the aftermarket doesn't make. I recently needed a wheel motor in a 911 hurry to get my mower up again. It was cheaper to pay Next Day Air from the midwest than to get the part locally.

    Hill Country Outdoor Power and Parts Tree is the same biz. They are located 30 miles from where I live. I never buy from them because they are never the best price. I recently tried to buy a T261 from them that my other local place sold for $299 (clearance priced) and they wanted $329. I purchased two more 261's from Russo and they shipped them to me for less than what Hill Country Outdoor Power could do.
  9. bigjoedo

    bigjoedo LawnSite Member
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    Southern Pride, is a great place. Another great place that has parts even for some older machines is I have done business with both and have been happy with their products.

  10. castlerockmo

    castlerockmo LawnSite Senior Member
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    I use to order all my stuff through partstree but they kept F-ing up my order every other week, and would fight me about shipping them back for the right ones. A new dealership opened up and I went in and his parts are cheaper. Needless to say I have no use for parts tree.
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