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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by stevenf, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. stevenf

    stevenf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Do you guys pass out one to each house per neighborhood or do you pass out 100-200 per neighborhood and scatter them around your area?
  2. Scagmower48

    Scagmower48 LawnSite Senior Member
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    This year is my first year doing doorhangers. Im going to pass my hangers out to everyhouse, besides the ones where I know people and I know they would not hire a lawn service. Im passing out 3000 in a couple weeks. How many are u passing out and what are your goals.

    My proof just came from today and they look great for $179.
  3. stevenf

    stevenf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    My minimum goal for this year is to get atleast 10 weekly and however many bi-weekly accounts.
    I made 1500 doorhangers. I Made a HUGE mistake by putting a special offer with an expiration date and now I dont think I will be able to get them out before they expire. I will try and gut it out, but next year, Im doing bulk mailing instead of this. Just takes WAY to long.
  4. Enzo

    Enzo LawnSite Member
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    I recently ordered 2500 flyers 8.5x11 in full color for $375 including shipping. I will be passing them out around my neighborhood and some to the next towns over. I was printing my own and doing all that, but I got tired of it. The flyers i ordered should come in tommorow so now all I have to do is fold them and start putting them in between peoples doors or on their mailbox flags.
  5. tamadrummer

    tamadrummer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I ordered 1000 from a local print shop and have put out 400 so far. I was getting really discouraged but I have had 4 calls and got 5 accounts in the last week. 3 from the hangers and 2 from showing up on time week in and week out.

    I did not do any coupons or offers on my hangers and I am targeting very specific neighborhoods as well.

    I did the postcard thing but not alot, just about 250 in very specfic places and got 1 call and no jobs. My test is too small to really count though.
  6. Scagmower48

    Scagmower48 LawnSite Senior Member
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    my goal also this year is to gain 10 accounts. Im hoping my 3000 will do the trick. It should if I get the 1% response that everyone else seemsto get

    Good luck to u man
  7. LawncareAmericaLLC

    LawncareAmericaLLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    im doing 7500 flyers and 50 lawn signs hope to get a 1% return. just started a web page too. i also give my costumers discounts to put lawn signs on thier property for advertising works really well,
  8. stevenf

    stevenf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I want 10 weekly because around here, EVERYONE seems to want bi-weekly. Just trying to find 10 or so that I can carry on into 2010.
    Good luck to you also!

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I would still put them out. Unless the expiration date is in large font half the people won't notice it anyway.

    Another thing you could do would be to get rubber stamp made, saying something like "OFFER EXTENDED!!!" or something to that effect, and stamp the flyers.

    Yeah...back when I changed my phone number I had around 5000 flyers still with the old number :laugh:

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