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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Watson's Landscaping, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Watson's Landscaping

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    well guys you sll have been a great help so far so heres another ? for you.
    I'm going to start passing out flyers the 1st or 2nd week of march 2,500 to 5,000 flyers and would like to know what day you guys think is the best. I was kind a thinking sat.

    Thanks :usflag:
  2. Grits

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    I don't think it matters too much. Just do it when you can.
  3. lawn guy1350

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    yeh just do it whenever. ull catch more people home on the weekends, but if your going to do any gated areas they will be closed. so do it whenever you can.
  4. Steve's Mow & Trim

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    You wont get 5000 out in one day unless you are a long distance span it out over a few days. I think it took me 4 days to pass out 2500 last year

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    Definitely plan on at-least 3 to 4 days. At my best I could only deliver about 70-75 flyer's per hour. By law you are not allowed to put them in mail boxes so you probably will have to walk them up to each house. :walking:
  6. mdvaden

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    I asked the phone-calling man from the Oregonian, Oregon's biggest paper, for an ordinance, and the guy went silent on the other end. I've continued to use the paper boxes ever since.

    Its the mailbox that will cause big problems.

    Put a flyer in paper box after the paper arrived. And only put them in paper boxes right next to a mailbox. To many people don't get a paper. You need them to grab their mail and see the flyer in the paper box.

    Put it there before noon, or they may grab mail, and a lot of flyers may get crushed the next early morning in boxes that will still get papers.

    On quite streets, you can drive the reverse side at your own disgression, and may be able to stuff 150 flyers in an hour.

    Door to door, roll it and stuff it next to a know - it will expand and stay. If its a "D" handle, slide it in at an angle.

    Knock a few doors, but the more you talk, the less homes you will get flyers too. But I typically do quite well when meeting people in person.

    NO SOLICITING SIGN - don't knock, but leave the flyer. I get a ton of work from homes with "no soliciting" signs by leaving the flyer and just taking a walk.

    True - more people can be home on Saturday. Except in retired age areas.

    Don't get cartoons on the flyer. Clipart is okay, but nothing too dorky. If you photograph well, try and get a Black and White photo of yourself on the flyer and see how it works photocopied.

    One of my best ads ever, was with another arborist - we shared an ad in the paper, and had both of our photos in it. Finest results we ever got.

    If you can split an ad with another reputable service, it can bring excellent results.

    If any of the rare people pester you that their city has an ordinance regarding people who post, you may find out that they can't just put a tiny sign at their door. In Lake Oswego, Oregon, the city attorney told me that people have to put the sign at the entrance to their property, not just the door.

    I didn't monkey around with people about this stuff. I called them on it, called their bluffs and researched. The attorney didn't call me - I called him. When a few people try spreading the "bull" on thick, I like to clean up a clear path to get somewhere fast.
  7. superpack84

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    There is this tree triming business that puts there small flyers in a lunch type bag, with some small rocks in it so it doesn't get blowed away. They drive by with there cars or trucks and just throws them out to peoples drive ways. What do you guys think of that?
  8. dewos

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    I think by the time you prepare all that spend the money on te gas driving and the bags its just a waste of time and money. Thats just my opinion though, I mean if you could figure a way to make the time shorter then just walking it might be worth it. Just seems like it would take to long to get the bags prepared and time would just equal out and you would be paying extra.
  9. Vikings

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    When I hire guys to deliver flyers I drive them around and tell them to cut across the yards unless the homeowner is right there. So we do it during business hours so, for the most part, people aren't home.

    We CAN put flyers in the mailbox here. I'm really surprised you can't do that in the states. Strange law imo.

    in Sean Adams business package he had a strange Idea, not sure I would use it but... he would put flyers inside of sandwich bags with a stone for weight then, with a couple guys in the back of a truck he would drive them through the neighborhood while they toss them on people drive ways. It is Much faster obviously but..
  10. grass-clippinz

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    Sounds like drive by prospecting to me, and what about your image? For 1 they wont like picking up "litter" in their driveway and 2 are you going to have the same guys in the back of the truck with weed wackers going and do some drive buy lawn care?:laugh:

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