Past the 100 hr mark on Lazer HP

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 65hoss, May 9, 2001.

  1. 65hoss

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    I past the 100 hr mark (115 to be exact). Today the main belt came off and tied up around the clutch. It cause the motor to shut off immediately. I couldn't get it to come loose and had to resort to cutting it out. Ouch. The new one cost $75.

    The mower itself has been great. I ran the ultra vac for the 1st 80 hours and never had one problem out of it. Still has the factory belt. I have now put the mulching kit on and it does awesome in bermuda and zoysia. It does ok in fescue but not awesome.

    I will probably buy kohlers next time or diesels. Kawasakis customer service sucks.

  2. Eric ELM

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    Do you know why the belt came off? That must be a big belt to cost that much. That is more than the one on my diesel Chopper and it is a C width belt and 158" long. The price for my spare C158 was $62 at a DC dealer. That thing is so big, I could use it for a tow strap. :D

    I still have all my factory belts on mine and it turned 400 hours. The old Chopper turned 3300 hours and my truck turned 30,000 miles, so I was busy with oil changes over the weekend myself.

    I like both Kohler and the Yanmar diesel engines. I've had 3 of each and had great luck with both. I have one Kaw engine and the starter has gone out on it 2 times at a tune of $190 cash and carry for a 5.5 hp Kaw engine. That is rediculous. I didn't replace it the second time though, not worth it and they only last a few months. This mower only gets usesd one day a week and a little bit around home.
  3. Premo Services

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    Hoss I have 150 hrs on mine and the belt sliped off when I engaged the pto, but luckily, I was able to put it back on and still use it. That is something about how much exmark charges for their parts,or what the dealers are charging for them, this is something that I will consider when purchasing more equiptment.Whem my belt slipped off the lazer I thought I would be buying one, the belt on my turf tracer cost 58.00,so I was thinking the belt for the lazer would be that high.:(
  4. 65hoss

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    Guess what? The belts been BACKORDERED!!!! Now I must pay next day air to have one in by tomorrow. The lack of good dealers here is the problem. Seems like this would be an item you would stock. 3 dealers and no belts. I wasn't mad yesterday. I am today!

    Seems like everytime something happens I'm down for several days. I guess I should blame myself for not having a spare already.

    The belt slipped off once about 3 weeks ago. This time I was already mowing and it came off and wrapped around the clutch. I had to finally cut it because it was wedged in badly.
  5. Starling Lawn

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    Try going to napa with belt belt.Mine came off my lesco on a Sunday,I went to napa ....they had the belt for 20 bucks.30 min.later I was back at it.
  6. geogunn

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    hoss--was that a new machine? shouldn't it be under warranty? what about the belt keepers? shouldn't there be keepers on the bekt so that it won't come off like that?

  7. awm

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    im kinda wondering about why the belt problems as th hp
    is one i like the looks of. do you think there is a design problem that causes them to be shortlived. later
  8. 65hoss

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    I have an email into the factory rep. I plan to find out what the problem is. I don't think a belt would be under warrenty. But I'll ask. :)

    I've heard that other belts don't last as long. Is this true? Of course neither did the factory original.

    I'll let you guys know what I find out.
  9. 65hoss

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    Scott Cambell reminded me of this. Those of you that remember my experience with the dealer that screwed me, well in search of the needed belt I had MikeLT1Z28 call them for me today. This is exactly the reason I don't deal with them anymore:

    Mike tells the guy what we need. He tells him that he doesn't know what the part # is so he doesn't know if they have it in stock. He expects a shipment from exmark today, but he doesn't know if any were in the order. He will know if there are any on the paperwork when it gets there.

    How's this for customer service? He doesn't know the part #? Humm...I wonder if he ever heard of the parts manual? I guess he didn't really want to sell one. Since he didn't have a # he couldn't tell us if he had one in stock. Haha. This is the type of stuff I had to deal with.

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