pastailum weed/grass..not sure

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    I have a customer that has (he calls it pastailum grass), some call it cow grass, in the fall it turns a reddish tent. Is anyone familar with this and can anyone help me figure out how and what to use to get rid of this out of his lawn...THANKS, SHANE
  2. indyturf

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    you may need to spray it with round up and then reseed the lawn
  3. YardPro

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    it's paspalum (probably bahia).

    roundup will work, as will msma., problem is that the roundup is not selective, and depending on the other truf variety you may not be able to use msma either
  4. JimKelley

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    Could also be Dallisgrass, a cousin to bahia. If it has 3 seed heads it is dallisgrass, 2 seed heads is bahia. MSMA will control bahia easily after the daytime temps get up to 90. Dallisgrass can also be controlled with MSMA but it will take many applications if the clump is very large. In that case round-up in a spot application may be the onlly solution.
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    Take a sample to your ag extension station. They'll tell you what it is.

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