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patch kit

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Who makes a good kit. I bought a slim patch kit from auto zone POS. I took the tire off twice did not hold at all. Also, I tried to plug it no luck. The hole is small its was from a small nail. I don't have time tomorrow to go to the tire shop and I'm about to go to school now for the night so they will be closed when I get out. Its only a 8inch tire on my wright stander.
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Oh no, not like that, I built my own out of all kinds of parts...

I got valve cores and the tool for it, an inner tube or two, and of course glue
and patches but also a bottle of liquid fix-a-flat, and then on top of that I have
the T-handles and the rubbery inserts as well so I can fix most any tire, mower,
car, wheel barrow, truck (actually you almost need a drill to get through those tires)...

I keep it all inside a box appropriately labeled "flat tire kit."

Yeah, don't trust those store kits, you need to build your own out of all the parts you think you'll need,
another good idea is to check a bicycle shop although they might not have much better...
the main problem I have with tubes is if you get a hole you have no choice but to take the tire off the rim and thats definatly a pain if your working. I had the worst year for tires last year so now I always carry a plug kit, a big tube of rubber cement and a air pig.
Yeah but it's worse of a pain to have to load it up...
Breaking the bead or getting the tire all sorts of unglued in the process...

And running either to the dealer or back home to fix it :p

Also the reason why I carry at least one spare inner tube, usually if I'm working
I stick the spare in the tire and patch the leaking one later.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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