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Im looking for some ideas to do patch seeding on lawns after a dry summer. I often find a lawn is thin and has many dead areas in 3" diameter patches from the summer stress. Patch seeding these can be a nightmare. At present we use a rotating spiker on a pole manually working up a tilth. This can be very time consuming and often hard to make an effective tilth when it is hard.
Im looking for suggestions for a small machine to create tilth and then seed at same time. It is likely that we would only do parts of lawns (the badly affected parts) and our lawn sizes are small compared to the US (guess average lawn is 2000-3000sq ft). Many of our lawns have bad access as they are on steep hillsides, and terraced, and so access is by narrow steps often and the machine is often carried up and down the steps(often by one person as we work in one man crews generally). We have at times used a small "Wolf Garten" dethatcher to create a tilth, but as the machine is very light, it has a hard job penetrating hard soil.
Any suggestions from your wealth of experience out there would be greatly appreciated.
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