Patchy lawn, rough soil, what would be best

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by NNJLandman, May 9, 2006.

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    Alright guys, I have a customer who needs something done with his lawn. Its a newer house and when they built it they put in some cheapo topsoil and hydroseeded the lawn. Well the lawn is extremely patchy, the soil is very dry and doesnt seem that great. The lawn is starting to come up and I would just say overseed it but because of the soil it doesnt seem like a good idea. He plans on installing irrigation. So my question, should I areate the soil then overseed it or install a entire new lawn, kill the current one and install sod or seed, topsoil the works. Hope you can help me out, thanks.

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    Wait till he is done installing the irrigations system. Have the homeowner mow as short as possible. Powerseed, slice-seed but don't kill out the existing good grass. Mix half the rate of seed in a slit-seeder and go at two different directions. Water, fertilize, and mow= Nice Lawn
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    Jeff, it all depends on your clients budget and timeline. The first thing you need to do is improve the soil. The best way would be to add a 2"-3" layer of compost and till it in. Once you have improved the soil, you have a few options. Sod, hydroseeding, slice seeding or just spreading seed. All this again depends on your clients budget and need for instant gratification. As was suggested, wait until the irrigation is installed, improve the soil, then apply sod or seed. The cost effective way would be to hydroseed with a good mix, mulch, tackifier, fertilizer and seed. You should have relatively quick germination and a decent lawn by summer if your client is willing to water and have you maintain it properly. If you are going to till in organic matter, you won't have to aerate, but if you chooses to fix spots instead of the entire lawn, aerating should be a priority. Your best bet is to first improve the soil, then a lawn will be much easier to establish and maintain.

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    You can see it all on line and they make good money doing it. They get the top dressing machine from Turfco at or 800-679-8201

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