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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by petroskie, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. petroskie

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    too far, but i thought we were freinds..compadres...amegos..and i have beer. i see well we have a tractor with a bucket.. my thought was to lower the bucket and just go straight and what ever it took im good with. ill get a pic up here after lunch. that was my thought just level, new top soil and hydroseed, but theres no sun light on the front yard till around 3pm till 6pm, so i worry about no sunlight but atleast i wont have to water like mad
  2. petroskie

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    ok so here are some pics of the yard and as you can tell the tree is a big one.

    home 1.jpg

    home 2.jpg

    home 3.jpg
  3. Darryl G

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    I would just rough it up and replant it with a dense shade grass seed mix and fertilize regularly. But understand that it's still going to need to be at least touched up every year or 2 since it will inevitably delcine over time. I have some accounts where there are areas very similar to that and that's what I do...keeps it looking presentable anyway. Sometimes moss will take over areas like that, in which case I actually let it stay there in most cases. Moss is better than dirt.
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    Then when you need to touch up, grab the Grass Stitcher and some seed - rough it up and throw down seed/ fert mixture when it begins to decline. Quick and easy.

    By the way a double Grass Stitcher (20 in wide) will replant that whole area in about 1 hour. No machine or mess.

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