Patience Pays Off!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, May 10, 2002.


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    This older fella, I'll call him Mr. I, lives next door to this lady I mow for. Halfway through last season, Mr I asked if I could trim around his trees, driveway, etc... everyother week. I get $10, and only takes 10 minutes. Problem is Mr. I has a disease that is causing him to lose his eyesight. Towards the end of last season, what used to take 10 minutes to trim, was now taking 30 minutes due to the fact that Mr. I was missing all these spots and wasn't getting close to the trees. I felt if I charged him more to trim he would drop me, plus I knew sooner or later I would get the account. Well last week Mr. I put up the white flag and wants me to start mowing his yard. He said when he ran his tractor into the telephone pole, he knew it was time to quit mowing. Poor guy couldn't even tell if he was giving me tens, twentys or fifties when he prepaid me for the first two cuts!!! I guess I don't need to worry about getting busted for "Peeing in the Bushes"!!!!!

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    i don't mean to laugh at anyone's handicap but i just got this mental image of mister magoo running his tractor into a pole.

    how bad did it tear the mower up?

    hope he doesn't get any worse, i have a friend who is legally blind and deaf. his is an amazing guy. fully licensed ham radio operator, runs his own business, cuts his own 5 acres with help from his son, climbs radio towers to do work for friends at no charge.
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    i picked up a customer last year that was going blind, and his wife has altimers, i cut his yard all last year, he payed me more than i asked even though i told him he didn't have to. last fall i finished cutting the yard next to his and he walked over and told me he was moving into a retirement home because everything was getting so tough on him, it brought a tear to my eye because of how nice he was, i hated to see someone like him go through what he was going through.

    its tough alot of the times when cutting for the elderly because of some of the stuff they go through. but its worth it talking to them and bringing a smile to there face because you stayed a few minutes longer each day talking to them when you cut.
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    he is lucky to have someone that he use to be able to see their work. :) did that make sense.

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    I haven't seen his tractor yet. I think he parked it in his shed or maybe he parked it in the woods thinking it was his shed. The telephone pole had a pretty good sized gash in it. Mr. I wasn't hurt. I think his pride might have been hurt.

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