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Patio and trees


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SE Mich
I'm having a raised paver patio installed by a landscaper that I do a lot of work for. He's considered one of the best around and does a lot of high-end work. The work is going to be done as he can get around to it, so I can excuse his overall lack of ...methodicalness. Some things thus far have puzzled me, but for the cost, I'm not worried.

This brings me to my question. He came up with the design by himself. It will bring the edge of the patio to within about 4' of some 5+" maples that I planted a few years ago. Is this acceptable? I'm worried about the roots heaving it up more than anything else. I read about gravel being an inhibitor to upward root growth, but I'd like to hear opinions from any and everyone.

-irrigation contractor

DVS Hardscaper

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County Jail
What kinda maple?

Personally, I would keep it away from any Maple. or I'd move the Maple.


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Reading, PA
Maples tend to have a very shallow root system. They are notorious for heaving walks, asphalt, and concrete so i don't believe the gravel theory. I would move the Maples or redesign the patio.