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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Mykster, Feb 17, 2002.

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    Just got this job for installing a patio. It's about 12'x14'. The old deck was removed to get to the septic. There is a large root on one side that is about the same thickness as the depth I have to work with. If i don't remove the root it will be exposed slightly above the patio. It looks like the homeowner already cut a few feet off it. Kind of weary about cutting it back more. How far could I cut it back w/out doing any damage to the tree. Or will I damage it no matter how much I cut it back? The root is about 51/2" in dia.
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    A lot depends on the tree (size, age, type, proximity to the new patio). An old established hardwood that is not too close to the new patio most likely would not present a major threat to the tree to remove the root. A younger specimen that is relatively close might present a threat.

    If you do remove the root, I strongly recommend removing the root through the entire area under the patio. If not, as the root eventually decays, the firmness of the patio base will be affected leading to possible cracking of concrete (if it is a poured patio) or movement of pavers.

    I would also be concerned as to whether any additional root expansion from the tree might create problems with cracking or movement of the patio a couple of years down the line.
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    The patio will be pavers.
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    First off, I'd make the homeowner sign some type of waiver saying that your not responsible if that tree was to die. if the root is in your way... then it has to be removed... that simple. Then, If was you.. I'd cut that root back far enough to where I could work.

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