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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Humble Earth Mover, Oct 14, 2007.

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    This is a job we just finished laying and cutting in on Friday. Totals 850 sf. Took a total of 6.5 days with 3 guys. EP Henry Coventry I Autumn Blend for the pattern, Old Towne Cobble 6x9 Pewter for the border. Still have to backfill with topsoil around the patio tomorrow and dig out a huge seepage pit on Tuesday. (10x15x 4' deep) Then about 4 days of landscaping. Turned out okay.

    Here's some pics before and during.

    Also - I didn't build the wall, it was built by the homeowner.

    Picture 712.jpg

    Picture 740.jpg

    Picture 005.jpg

    Picture 007.jpg

    Picture 002.jpg
  2. Humble Earth Mover

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  3. cgland

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    Nice Work!

  4. mrusk

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    Tell us the story behind the 'homeowner' wall in the background!
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    Thanks Chris!

    The wall is surrounding an area where the homeowner installed a koi pond. When I first arrived to do the estimate, I started immediately commenting on the errors in the wall, until he told me he did it himself, then I removed my foot from my mouth and never brought it up again. I would've personally liked to rebuild it, but it was not in the budget. The original design for this patio had several walls and pillars with stairs to a lower tier and a pergola, but it was simplified to this design due to budget constraints.

    I did actually rebuild part of the wall because on one section, the homeowner had to run wiring and a water line for the pond and instead of burying them deeper, he opted to remove the bottom course in a section of wall and substitute with dirt. The height of the patio left this exposed, so I had to tear out a section and add a bottom course. The funny thing is, he built the whole wall without a single cut. He tried to use some stone for drainage, but it was only an inch or two behind the wall with plastic instead of fabric. Won't be long till it gives.
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    You can drive down to md. and do me a patio at my new house. Nice work im not in to pavers so look at it as a h/o wood. looks good so ill pay the bill now.
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    BTW i like the name of your company.
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    Kudos, Very Nice work. :drinkup:
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    Nice job! Only thing I probably would have done different would be to put landings out of the doors. Nice cuts and nice straight lines.
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    very nice! never saw Coventry mixed with old town before, that is different.

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