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Patio on top of 8 ft tall wall...


LawnSite Gold Member
northern jersey
I need to design this job. I need to built a 8 ft retaining wall with a patio on top of it. The house has a walkout basement. The wall is right next to the basement door. Then the patio on top.

I need to come up with some type of railing or something for this situation. I thought about doing a double sided wall, but i do not feel safe enough with that.

I think no matter what i do, i need to do it around the other 3 sides of the patio or it will look werid. I am thinking of doing masonry pillars with pvc deck railing running between the pillars.

What do you guys think?


LawnSite Senior Member
Alot of our work requires railing. I prefer custom Iron handrail and fencing. We do alot of work with 48" tall by 20" wide versa-lok columns and 36" handrail.
I think steel handrail or fencing just finishes a hardscape.
So my suggestion is to add in some columns and put some iron between them.

The coolest thing about custom steel stuff is the wide variety of options, if you have never looked through a catalog like King Architectual Metals, you will be surprised at all of the stuff that can be done.


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I was kicking that idea on my new house its almost a walk out only 3-4 steps out of basement. But i messed up and had my builder place a full size window in basement and of course it is right under the bay window and kitchen door. Now i will probably have to have a deck which i hate.