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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by maxwilbryan, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. maxwilbryan

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    Pics below. Paverstone (Belgard) porch extended with concave front with 2 convex semicircle steps leading down to patio.
    I have a Thursday deadline for a front porch extension/overlay and patio install. This is my first install with any kind of hardscape. I am using Belgard product. The patio was tile and i popped it off. I plan on mortaring pavestone around edge of porch where tile was lay sand bed where i will fill in the rest (roof covers porch). I have poured a footing for wall including rebar. While mortar was wet i set first course and happy withe result. This first course will be under ground an the second will be flush with pavers. Please help
    Materials: 1 5/8" pavers 3 1/2" tall celtic wall and steps


    I pulled out a considerable amount of crush and run from existig patio. Can i refill and tamp with this? There isnt a lot of "crush dust stuff" in it but there isnt going to be a whole lot of traffic on this. (the picture shows material tamped to subgrade. Adding 4" more, 1" sand, plus 2" pavers.)

    Is fabric necassary?

    Should the celtic stairs be fused in with the wall or should i add for porch first the build semi circled stairs?

    The order? 1) Focus on patio 2) build wall 3) add stairs 4)overlay porch ?

    God i'm nervous.



  2. maxwilbryan

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    Well max, I think you are screwed. Try applying for the garden department at home depot.
  3. patpls

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    Sadly, the horse has bolted. If you intend to continue to be a hardscaper you need to sub this out, watch and learn, and realize when you're over your head in the future.
  4. Bru75

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    I don't get exactly what you are trying to do, but if you are trying what I think you are trying you will have a very hard time finishing by Thurs.
    Good luck.
  5. BrandonV

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    i'm not sure what you're doing either, how about drawing on one of those pics you have (print it out, draw your plan on it, scan or photograph it and post it again) for us
  6. 2low4NH

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    how thick is that cretebase? im a little confused at what you are trying to do. you are in way to deep. your never gonna be done by thursday unless you hire a few more guys and work round the clock.
  7. PatriotLandscape

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    you poured a concrete footing for a srw? you wasted your time. no reason you should be able to finish by thursday just get to work and work all available hours. assuming 3 guys thats 144 man hours way more than that job should take.
  8. 2low4NH

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    it looks like hes doing the wall and extending the patio out to the wall. not sure. this is a decent project for a first timer. im gonna guess you way under bid this too.
  9. kootoomootoo

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  10. maxwilbryan

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    Yes. I am extending patio. I have asked for some backup. Hopefully the guy knows what he's doing. He acts like it's not a big deal. I did underbid and i'll break even at worst b/c i'm pretty cool with client. Profit isnt important at this point. Getting it done is. Thanks for the responses.

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