Patio pricing queston?(not the usual)

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JohnsonLawn, Aug 19, 2005.

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    I have a question for you guys that is a little different. I just got a referral job to do a 18' x 24' patio. The problem I am having is that the customer already started the excavation because he was going to do it himself until he found it was more than he could handle. He has the whole area excavated to a depth of about 5", so I will need to take over from there. My question is how should this affect my pricing of the job. I have never run into this before. If I where doing the whole job I would charge around $6000.00 for the job. How would you adjust pricing. Thanks guys
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    how long do u think it would have taken you/crew to excavate what has been done. take that time by your hourly rate per man and subtract.,,,,,,, i dunno what do u think it was worth to have it done.?? Is it done properly or will you have to fix/repair/change anything? take these into consideration as well.
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    Johnson, come on. You should be able to figure this out. It seems as though you were pricing strictly by the square foot before this job. Do you see a problem? As I Plant Art stated, figure you total man hours for the job and deduct the man hours to do what is completed.

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    The reason we don't ever discount for work already started is because it still takes the same amount of time to complete. Ever try completing something half done? The lost time taken to pick up the pieces often countersets the time someone else took to start the job for you.

    And you don't need to tell them how much discount they will get. All you need do is quote your price and tell them that is taken into account the work that has been done. It still will cost you the same to do the work, set the job up, buy the goodies to complete it...Let that be your clients lesson on life not to start anythng a pro should do...Ever take out a tranny and ask the tranny shop for a discount? They give you all of $100.00....Why not the same for a brick patio?
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    The question should me more along the lines of... is it excavated right, and are the dimensions correct. 5" sounds like an odd number for me.

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