Patio Removal Headache

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by GMTA, Apr 29, 2011.

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    Started removing concrete patio today. What a pain in the butt ! Whom ever installed this patio is rolling in their grave laughing at me trying to remove this thing. I started by drilling some holes in the patio to determine the thickness, and for the most part it was about 3-4 inches. Knowing this I brought out the jackhammer and began to strategically break this thing up before lunch on day 1. That didn't happen. :hammerhead: After the pad wasn't breaking up I ASSumed it must have rebar or a thicker perimeter holding it strong. So i decided to hop on the machine and dig a hole to see the depth of the perimeter. So i dug, and dug, and dug some more......finally reaching the bottom at 2'. :wall So now I realized the patio has a 2' thick footer poured around the perimeter and this is going to be a lot more work than originally planned. After digging out the perimeter of the patio (15'x10') I decided to jack up the inside area and remove it, then work on the removal of the footer. Well I got to jackhammering again and found that there is wire mesh within the patio which prevented the concrete from breaking up with ease. I am currently making slow progress on this demo and need some major progress tomorrow. What was suppose to be done in half a day is now taking me into day 2 with little going my way. :dizzy:

    Perfect reason why you don't price per sq. ft. !!!! (assuming its just the "typical patio removal")

    I'll keep you guys posted on my progress with this one with some pics. BTW this work is being done at my house.
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    Here are a few pics i managed to snap while scratching my head...




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    My proposal has a 'DISCLAIMER PAGE' which is printed on the back.

    When it comes to concrete demo, you NEVER know what you'll encounter. So after years of encountering stuff like that I wised up.

    At the bottom of my Discalaimer Page I have the following:

    Removal of Asphalt / Concrete: This proposal does not include removal of asphalt or concrete, unless otherwise noted. In the event this proposal specifies any removal of such, additional costs will be implied in the event the asphalt and or concrete is found to exceed a thickness of 4-inches.

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    That is a cute little hammer you're using!


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    That electric hammer ain't going to cut it.
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    Dexpan would have been a great option if I planned for this thickness....

    Definitely a must on the disclaimer page of proposal !

    And as for the jackhammer....I new someone would have a bigger tool to show off but this is what i have access to for now....definitely no good for breaking up the 2' footer.
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    this week we pulled up and poured back a patio just about identical to this-- Sans wire.

    you will have much better luck with a 90 lb pneumatic breaker.

    and remember... if it was easy everyone would do it :)
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    So i decided to get some much needed help today. The whole or hole (whichever you prefer) inside of the footer is dug out and 1st thing tomorrow I'll be taking down the perimeter footing. Ran out of light and wanted to make sure I cleaned up this mess I made.

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    I have the same N.H. tractor (T1520), I LOVE IT!!! It's a freakin powerhouse!

    cept mine has industrial tires and no hoe.

    We've encountered some thick concrete, but never anything like that. I've found that if the home owner, or previous owners did the concrete work's usually a gazillion inches thick. One year we encountered an old patio that was about 8-10 inches thick! So it was THAT job that prompted me to add the aforementioned disclaimer.


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