patten density (another aerator ?)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PaulJ, Oct 15, 2003.

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    I am wondering about towable aerators. I looked at the specs of the classen/lesco, the bluebird, and the turfco and all of them have a larger hole spacing than their walkbehind aerators. Why is this. Do you have to make two passes with a tow behind to get the same results? Or are the holes larger and deeper to make up for it? Does anyone make a towable aerator in the $1500 to $2000 range that has a core spacing like the walkbehind ones. About 3.5" x 6".

    I did the search so don't ask.
  2. PaulJ

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    Another question.

    Does any company make a tow behind aerator that doesn't have the transport wheels sticking so far out on the sides? With the wheels behind or between the tines? It wowuld be nice to be able to get close to things.

    Has anyone tried to mount a drop seeder on the ack of an aerator? Overseed and aerate in one pass.
    I'm just kicking some ideas around.
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    I have a dropseeder mounted on an areovator. has an electric motor that spins the little auger and drops the seed down right on top of the aero vator spikes. You can see the seed droping down but you have to really look to see any on the ground behind you. Am lookin at mounting an electric broadcaster for fertilizer, three birds in one pass, aint sure how hard it will be to calibrate the spreader yet. My areovator mounts on the front of my machine (Ventrac), when you get to the end of the yard you just pull a lever and up she comes, can work within inches of houses, trees and beds.
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    How much does an areovator tun? I want to stay under $2000-2500. Is the drop deeder a factory setup or did you fabricate it yourself? I saw this:
    on e-bay and was sondering if anyone has more expierience with these.
    Also back ot the original ?? about pattern density. Do those of youwho use tow behind or 3-pt models have to make two passes to get good coverage or are the holes larg enough to make up for the difference.
    Maybe I will get a larger walkbeind model and mount a drop spreader to the back of it.
  5. PaulJ

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  6. HOMER

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    Problem with that one is it won't pull a core out. I've heard it said that that type actually make the soil "more" compacted than they do good. I have used one (without the seeder) and if the ground is hard it won't even think about breaking it up.

    I would stick to the walkbehind model and just get a broadcast spreader for the seed...........if residential is your thing this is going to be the quickest and most efficient way of doing it.
  7. SWD

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    Core size (the diameter of the actual hole) is much more important than pattern.
    Aerifiers were developed to pull cores from putting greens so topdressing (usually sand) could be incorporated in the root zone to aid healthier greens.
    With a 1/2" hollow core tine, 24 of them on a machine, a typical greens aerifier effects approximately 5% of the rootzone with two passes - like an X.
    As far as additional equipment hung on aerifiers, I am not aware of any from a factory stand point.
    What I like about 3pt models is that the tine count can be doubled by adding extra tine blocks. Unfortunately, down pressure on the hydraulics on compact to smaller tractors doesn't over come compacted, hard soils.
    The type you indicated is a seeder for less maintained areas. And yes, it is designed to increase compaction to ensure greater seed to soil contact.
    If you are looking for an excellent aerifier that pulls cores from the hardest of soils, check out this website:
    Toro walk aerifiers are excellent machines, the design has pretty much stayed the same, they are manueverable, tine size can be increased to 3/4" in size and ground speed can be changed via throttle settings to either increase or decrease cores per foot.
  8. walker-talker

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    Classen is coming out with a new aerator....believed to be next fall....check it out. I think this could take place of a walk behind and tow behind. Grant it, it does not have a very wide coring width, but that is made up in speed.....more than an arce an hour. Probably will cost around $6K or more, but it looks sweet and solid.

    800 Lbs
    55" Length
    36" Width
    24.375" Aerating Width
    50407 Square Feet per hour
    36 - 3/4" Tines
    4.06" x 7" Hole Pattern
    3" Core Depth
    4.7 MPH top speed
    23" Turn Radius with Aerator Down
    13hp Honda

    classen- stander aerator.jpg
  9. PaulJ

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    Thaks for the input guys

    Your right that is a spike aerator. I thought at first glance that it had core type tines but I looked closer and it is spikes. I think some one makes an aerator with core tines on a drum but I can't remember who.

    right now I will aerate with a walkbehind model and then seed with a broadcast or drop spreader. Then maybe go over again with a power rake lightly or just hand rake if needed.

    I would like to have one unit the pulls cores, drops seed and rakes in one pass. Am I just asking too much?

    I am thinking about getting a spiker wiht drop spreader from agrifab, mounting a tine rake behind it. and using that AFTER aerating. It I et a towable aerator I could mount the whoole thing as one. Again I my be asking too much?

    That classen unit looks interesting but it still doen't seed. Maybe I need to put a bug in a manufacturers ear about this.

    thanks again guys. I am still sondering if those who pull Classen or similar units have to make two passes?
  10. TLS

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    HAVE TO?.....You don't HAVE TO do anything.! Who wrote the rule book on aeration? Is there a standard on pattern density?

    Unless the customer specifies, they get what they get. It's such a sales gimmick anyway (aeration) so doing a property once is fine. IS Double aerating DOUBLE better?

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