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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by klsgc, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Question for the Z and T guys: I have a z and was wondering how you guys adjust your pattern. Round 1 with dimension seems to spread farther to the right than my summer fert. I adjust by pulling out the accuway and it works great, but am wondering at what point is it a good pattern. It seems as if the right side spreads "clean" while the left side is "scattered." I think it is just because of the orientation of the spinner. I have been running with my right side at about 2:30 and my left side at 9:00 and once in a while I will slightly stripe one (dark 8' then light 8') We are talking like 1 out of 100 lawns and so slight that the customer doesn't notice, but it still drives me nuts. It is always the same ones, must be a weaker soil or seed? I know american uses lesco spinners on his T's. If you are out there, what do your patterns look like? Are they 9-3? It seems like there are way more prills on the right side if I adjust it to 9-3. Also, I need a new push spreader. Do the spyker pushes have the same look to their pattern? Thanks
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    Hi neighbor,
    remember the farther out on the spinner the fertilizer falls--the sooner it leaves the spinner. Sounds like you have too much to the right. Experiment by putting duct tape or plastic over parts of the opening. Try to drop less fert on the outer ring of the spinner. Let us know what happens.
    Test it by putting out 10 paper plates or coffee mugs--drive across--count or compare particles in each container.
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    Thanks Riggle. I've done some pan tests before. What I'm really looking for is another ride on owner with a spyker to tell me where they adjust their right side to 2, 2:30, or 3?
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    wow! tough crowd. Anyone?

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