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Was just listening to Paul Harvey. He said someone was mowing beside the road. The mower blade came out from under the deck. Penetrated a passing car and killed 2 people. Has anyone heard anything about this? He didn't really give much detail.Oh yes it went through the car door he said.<br>

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i don't konw about the particular situation, but i know that it has happened. There was a a laddy killed here in MS i believe when a bushog on the interstate lost a blade and it went thorugh the window and cut her head off literally. Her 6 year old kid had to witness the whole thing sitting in the passanger seat, it made all the news stations...


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This all sounds like just another reason to cover your butt's. Please don't try and run a business without the proper insurance, it can happen in an instant. Lat year, I think it was around here somewhere, a little 6 year old girl was playing in her grandfathers back yard while he was weedeating. He tapped his trimmer to advance some line out and a very small piece of string flew off and hit the girl. She fell over so he went to check on her, she was dead! The string had pierced her skull like a bullet and lodged in her brain.<p>If you don't think your in a very dangerous business, think again. Anytime you have rotating parts the potential is there for something to go wrong. Always check your area out and know whats going on around you. Tell anybody that helps you to lift the trimmers when motorists or pedestrians pass by, ya I know we're all in a big hurry but it could save a life. If nothing else, it may save you from buying a windshield.<p>Homer


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do you know the difference between a fairy tale and a landscaping story? the fairy tale begins with once upon a time and the landscape story starts with you won't believe this sh_t.<p>Anyway, I was doing a job for a company Paul Harvey advertises for. I was standing out front of the hospital with the hospital president, risk manager, saftey officier, the union saftey officier, my insurance man, the insurance company's loss prevention specialist, fire marshall, and the facility manager. My grass crew was cutting the grass and one of the crew was cutting an island in the parking lot with a 48&quot;Bunton WB. He ran over a stone, hitting it, it came out of the mower with the mulching plate on it, hit the front grill of the car he was passing, it went across the island, hit the left front fender one car, ricochet off the right rear fender of the car park next to it, flew 478 ft(measured by investigating police Hamilton, NJ) hit a telephone pole, then flew into the passanger window that was open 1/4 inch and struck the women siting in the front seat next to her husband who was driving by at 53 MPH(his statement not mine). Total time 2 or 3 seconds. My first reply was good because I don't have to explain this to anyone because you all watched it happen. The old man came to a screeching halt because all he saw was blood everywhere and her screaming. We all ran over to give assistance and the old man refused to believe that was what happened. The wife got 87 stichs to the face and head. Medical bills were 118,00 and property damage 3,200. To this day, the old man is convinced that his wife had something to do with it. He couldn't believe that a bunch of contractors would even admit that they did it and pay for everything. Guess he didn't have much faith in his fellow man.<p>the kid operating the mower felt so bad that he gave up landscaping and went back to school. He is now the site director for Squibb in New Brunswick and claims that he now belives anything is possible when it comes to accidents but nobody has ever topped his story


While I haven't heard the story yet, I have experienced something similar. I was driving down a road, and a homeowner was mowing his lawn with a Craftsman tractor.<p>He hit some gravel in the lawn, and the discharge chute was aimed twords the road. The car in front of me was hit by sime flying stones. I don't know how bad the damage was, but the driver did stop.<p>I always think of the direction of my discharge chute while mowing around cars, people, buildings, ect.<br>


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yes it did happen yesterday I heard it on the news and was ruled an accident and the operator was not charged with anything also the 2 people were killed it passed on through the car and hit something else. yes this a tru story not fiction<p>----------<br>Dale<br>Southern lawn and Landscape


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Another bush hog contractor and myself were<br>slashing a large industrial block when he<br>hit a rock about the size of a baseball,the rock shot out and penetrated the drivers door of a small hatch back.Fortunately,the<br>car was empty.Bloody dangerous.Blades on these machines have about the same tip speed as a mower.15000 feet per second.

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I grew up in a small farm area in SD with a town of 500 people and I know of three mower accidents. 1) A girl 1 year older than me was mowing her lawn and hit a spoon laying in the lawn and it went through her shoe and into her foot. 2) My neighbor and classmate was mowing and hit a small piece of wire which hit the garage and bounced back and hit his eye and missed his brain by a fraction of an inch, but lost his eye. 3) A farmer I was working for one summer and I was working on a tractor. His wife was mowing and pulled the push mower up hill and her foot slipped under the mower cutting off all her toes but the big toe. I drove the car to the hospital while he held his belt around her leg as a tunicate. It was a bloody mess. You can never be too careful and expect the unexpected.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>

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I think that alot of people forget how dangerous this job can be. I just started out a couple of years ago so I don't have as much expericence as some on this forum. However I do have a couple of part-time employes that worry me sometimes because it seems like they don't realize how fast something can go wrong. So I'm going to print out all the replies to this discussion and post them up in the shop. So they know that bad things can happen if your not carefull. Thanks