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Paul Tukey's documentary "A Chemical Reaction" is now available on DVD for $19.95

They finally released the DVD for personal purchase. I received mine last week.

Get it HERE: http://safelawns.org/chemical-reaction/

Price $19.95 (These are for home use only and may not be utilized for community screenings).

Excellent documentary on the use of chemicals in our industry.

I'm hoping the Chem guys will go ahead and pick up a DVD also, it may help you decide to at least offer both: Chemical and Organic.
Hopefully it would convert you completely to Organic!:)

But at the very least if we can't convert you, I hope you will PLEASE watch it for your own sake, as it will show you how sick you, as a chemical applicator can get, if you don't use extreme caution.

It may help you in your training program to drive home the point of the proper handling, you have been teaching your employees. It will help you convince your employees to handle the chemicals the way you taught them.

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Saw it in Victoria. Chemical Free will be the standard 5 years from now. Those who continue to resist do so at their own business peril. Even if you don't like organics, its where tomorrow's business lives.

ICT Bill

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I start this by saying we offer a hyrbid program that stresses organic matter. Having said that, the documentary plays fast and loose with the facts - there is no credible evidence to link responsible use of 2,4 D for example, to cancer (or paralysis as the documentary claimed).

I agree with you on the facts, understandably they are also trying to get a point across. You can slip on a banana and become paralyzed

go here and read this document from the EPA and USGS, it is an 11 year study from over 5000 sites around the country, 97% of the water tested had at least one pesticide, many of those had at least 10. We are poisoning our own people intentionally, why I am not quite sure


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Why take a chance. I had a friend that died from agent orange. He died of cancer directly related to that chemical. Thankyou dow!!!!!

He had this crap sprayed on him why he was a marine in vietnam.