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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by toppslandscaping, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. toppslandscaping

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    I'm looking to do a patio over cement. The patio is in great shape. I called two different paver companies. One company suggested I drill weep holes in the cemement and fill with gravel for drainage. Another supplier told me that this is not needed and a 1" base of sand will be fine. I'm worried about the thraw, freeze cycles and don't want the pavers to heave or deterioate.

    Another alternative is to build up the border of cement patio with larger stone to create like an area that would let me add 4" base of the patio and then lay my sand and pavers.

    Any help is appreciated. This is my first time bidding on a job like this.
  2. ALLPro Landscaping

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    what kind of patio are you doing, pavers, etc, is this your first job, why not just take the concrete out and start fresh
  3. Paver Gangster

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    Based on what you posted, it sounds like Supplier #1 has done his homework, as this is one of the correct steps in doing a paver overlay on concrete (not cement). If you go on the ICPI website you should be able to download a cross section that looks like what he is trying to explain to you.

    Supplier #2 needs ICPI training.

    No idea what you are talking about with the 4" deal, however.
  4. ALLPro Landscaping

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    Paver, thats what I dont understand, whats up with base sand and as you posted, here we find another non icpi contractor ripping someone off
  5. Paver Gangster

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    Well, I have to disagree with that, I don't think the poster is trying to rip off anyone, at least he took the right step and came here to try and get the right advice.

    What scares me is any contractor that looks to paver suppliers for advice. I hate to say it, but my experience is that a lot of distributors have their heads completely up their arse when it comes to passing on proper installation techniques to customers.

    They are great for putting together orders, and getting the concrete to the jobsite, but more often than not the pimply faced teenager hired for summer help loading your dump with mulch is most likely an unreliable source for information. On top of that, most suppliers install their display pavers on stonedust, so that's all you need to know right there.

    With rare exception, your best source for proper advice is either the manufacturer of the product, or the ICPI.
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  7. Rex Mann

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    You also need to use geo textile over the concrete. Keeps the
    sand from migrating into Any future cracks. If patio is covered I
    would not worry about the weep holes, but if not they should
    be 2 inch diameter filled with pea gravel go all the wY thru
    the concrete and geotextile over it


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  8. tigertownman

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    I know it costs more money but I would just rip the concrete out and start from scratch. When dealing with a concrete base , what if the concrete isn't done settling . What if there are a few areas where the concrete has split and hasn't cracked yet but once you do the job, uhh ohh its cracked and then your up the sh%# creek. I have been there , yeah i have had a couple jobs go ok , with a concrete base underneath. But more times then not ripping it out is your best bet , trust me.....

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