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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by iluvpizza, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. iluvpizza

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm in need of some advice. My parents want me to do some work for them this includes, 900sq.ft(60'x15,)drive way, 120sq.ft walk(20x3) steps to front door, 650sq.ft patio (variable widths and lengths) 2 retaining walls one 150' long and the other 50'.

    I've done retaining walls, patios, and crushed stone driveways. I've never done a paver driveway before. Here are some problems I am having:

    I recommended to my parents to use at least a 4" paver for the driveway due to the vehicles they own(2 ,3/4 ton pickups, a suburban, and a calssic car that sits in one spot for most the spring and summer) they can't find any 4" pavers they like, and really don't want to buy any over the internet. Do you think that 4" thick pavers are over kill?

    I'm using a geotextile fabric, then 18" of #2 crusher run compacted every 3 inches, for the paver setting I'm using 1" layer of stone dust and topping of the pavers with polymeric sand. I'm unsure if I should use geo-grid or not. I am located in NY (it can only help right?)

    Both my parents and I are using this as a learning experience. I just want to make sure the driveway last longer then I do, and that it has minimal maintenance issues. Thanks for reading.
  2. OutdoorCreations

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    Check out Tech Bloc, they have a lot of thicker stuff that would work well for driveway applications. They have some of the best looking stuff as well (in my opinion).
  3. yardworks  inc.

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    Sounds like u need to hire somebody. Your base should be DOT Road Base, and use 1 inch of sand as your bedding material, no stone dust. Go check the icpi standards. You do not need a "4 inch" paver.
  4. iluvpizza

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    Thanks for the advice! I just checked out the
    Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute website they have a ton of information that helps!
    As far as hiring someone I've had a hard time finding a company that will warranty their workmanship or give me references of customers from 5 or 6 years ago.

    I have 3 employees and all the tools to do it. I've turned down driveway jobs before cause I didn't want screw up, but if I get this right it will only help my business. Worse case scenario I learn I can't do it.

    I figure if it's gonna get screwed up I may as well do it myself that way I know how to fix it. ;)
  5. TomG

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    You need to use sand, not stone dust. You will void most manufactures warranty if you lay their pavers on stone dust.

    I would recommend using at least one layer of geo-grid half way through the base. More will not hurt but is not needed, especially if you are really putting in 18" of base.

    We have used regular 2 1/2" bricks for driveways and they have held up fine. I would not recommend using any paver bigger than a 9" x 9" because anything bigger will break under vehicular loads. If you go up to a 3 1/2" paver(I recommend that) you can choose almost any size paver you want, we don't go bigger than a 12" x 12" though. Any paver over 3 1/2" is overkill for a normal driveway. Also try to avoid longer skinny brick. Check this out from ICPI, it gives you some recommendations on aspect ratio and other stuff.

    Also your #2 crusher run should be fine for your base(I'm assuming its 1.5" processed gravel??)

    I'd say go for it, you have to start somewhere, family is a good place to start as long as they know what they could potentially be getting in to.:drinkup:
  6. SVA_Concrete

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    18" of base is a bit excessive. in my opinion.

    i think you will be fine on a 6 cm product 8cm would be better.

    the biggest key is your pattern and unit size. stay away from 4 corners and long joint lines.

    The problem with stone dust is it holds more moisture there by causing the pavement more prone to efflorescence problems. structurally stone dust is more sound (in my opinion) years ago the MFR's recommended stone dust so we used it on many a job in the early days. to this day i have not had a single call back for eflo. (or anything other for that matter)

    Yardworks: crusher run is road base
  7. DVS Hardscaper

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    Your base depth is based on the type of soil.

    'round here, my jobs have a 12-inch base.

    18-inches would only be necessary if your soil is heavy clay. If you do 18-inches you're digging out 21-22" (for the thickness of the pavers and bedding sand). THAT'S OVER 58 cubic yards (before the fluff factor, which is 30%). That's at least 3 tandem/tri axle truck loads. DO you have a way to load it and haul it and dsipose of it???

    You also dont need 4" thick pavers. 90 mm will be fine.

    The airport in Houston has an airplane taxi area that's Holland stone pavers, and they're not 4-inches thick.

    The Port of Baltimore is ALL pavers, tractor trailers driving over them ALL day long, and they're NOT 4-inches thick.

  8. JeffNY

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    I was just looking at the techo catalog, looks like the biggest paver they have is 3.15". I don't see anything that big in the belgard catalog either.

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