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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Dec 10, 2008.

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    Close ups to follow soon. The day I took this pic I was driving my personal truck, and as I was leaving I remembered "hey the camera is here", so I shot a pic as I was leaving.

    The cuts are perfect, thats one thing I preach to our prospective clients.

    The client purchased the pavers on his own, long before we met. They are Belgard's 4 piece Bergerac pavers that were manufactured in 2006. Meaning they were made when Belgard was having *issues*. Although the pavers are fine, only a small handfull had to be tossed to the side. I am not for certain, but I believe the owner found a dealer south of D.C. that had gone out of business and I believe he paid around $100.00, maybe $150.00 / cube, and each cube has 106 sf. The pavers can only be installed in the random running pattern, which we have running widthwise. It looks good. I would not have recommended using this paver, but he already had 56 cubes setting behind the house. Yet......on the other hand, about 4-6 years ago Belgard had a nice catalog that had a paver driveway in the same pattern.

    The owner had made mention of a nice patio with kitchen, which I am envisioning multi-level. It may be a long, long, long, long, time before that happens because this house is already over budget. I don't see this happening in the next 12 months.

    I doubt there will be large plantings, as mother nature already took care of the trees, it's a wooded lot!

    What I am hoping to sell and what I would be most excited about is the lighting of the home. Nice, Outdoor Lighting excites me more than hardscaping :)
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    Can't wait to see the close ups. Nice job!
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    Lighting can really set a house off. Even a dozen or so creatively placed lights can make it look great. Looks like a cool job. Was it heated? (Do you get much snow in that area?)
  4. mrusk

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    DVS did you follow ICPI guidelines and start from the lowest elevation and work up hill?
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    DVS, I know you had the cubes stationed up hill from where you started, but did you end up using a paver cart for the job or did you just bring a few cubes down to the laying face with the SS then screed your sand?

    I posted a question earlier about the functionality of paver carts. I know it depends on each site....we just haven't used one yet and we have a 6000 sf driveway coming up in January....thought I might give it a shot. Any pro's or con's?
  6. DVS Hardscaper

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    We do not own a paver cart and nor do I plan on getting one. With 95% of our jobs (we mostly build patios), we're able to set the cubes right in the work area. But this driveway has non-level elevations on the bulk of both sides. So where we were unable to set cubes......the pavers were moved by hand. And YES, even I carried pavers!
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    So where did you start laying?
  8. Rex Mann

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    DVS it may just be the pic, but it looks as if your "shoulder" is not wide enough. Looks like it tapers away from the pavers almost instantly. Is that the case?
  10. DVS Hardscaper

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    Yes the bends have a few seams.

    Shoulders: That is something else I preach to prospective clients. At the moment there is 12-inches of shoulder, and when the paver install is complete (compacting, polysand, etc), we'll come back and install more gravel and compact. The pic was taken from about 50 yds away, no detail is visible, and much of the shoulder is covered with bedding sand.

    MRusk - after almost 13 years of installing pavers....I think we know where to start laying :)

    Whats both concerning and surprising me is there is one important concern here, and NOT one person here at this forum has brought it up yet.
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