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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by ALLPro Landscaping, May 11, 2011.

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    Must you always rip out the existing base material to install pavers, I have a customer who has an asphalt driveway with item 4 as the base material, not the recycled concrete like every ones using now. I would really hate to rip out such good material. Also the driveway is in near perfect condition, one crack running a mid point from one side to the other. Nothing major and no sinking whats so ever
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    No, you do not have to remove the base, provided it is suitable for pavers.

    It's not uncommon for folks to lay pavers over the existing asphalt.

    Such instances are done on a case by case basis.

  3. ALLPro Landscaping

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    I deff don't want to lay over the asphalt, I think that would be un wise and un professional, its so rare now a days to see any one using item 4 so I really would hate to rip it out, what advise could you give me to determine if the base is suitable for the pavers, I figure I would gone in with a skid and surgically remove the asphalt and bring in a bit more item to re grade, then go over it with the 3 ton roller.
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    Item 4????? Is that a meal at McDonalds? I have no clue what that is.

    Installing Pavers over asphalt is a common practice, nothin unprofessional. Case by case basis .
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    How is it possible to lay pavers over asphalt?? I have never heard of that being done? How do you match grades at Sidewalk?Roads?Garages?
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    As he said case by case basis. Certain area's you will have to cut and play with the base to get your height to work. A lot of times it might not work and you'll have to pull out the existing pavement.
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    Again, I think I twice mentioned "case by case". Some jobs will be very doable, and some will not be doable at all.


    And really - thats what construction is - case by case. No two properties are ever the same. A gazillion scenerios.

    Simply put - when re-surfacing of roads and highways - grades are matched. So many variables, it would take hrs of me sittin here peckin away going over scenerios.

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    The port of baltimore is all pavers and is on an asphalt base, theres nothing "unprofessional" about it

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    All these ideas are very doable. If you rip out asphalt you will want to use more than a three ton roller. We use a fifteen ton vibratory roller
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    Another name for Crusher Run dust to 3/4 sometimes also called Dense Graded Aggregate

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