Paver edge restraint options


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Shoreline, Ct.
About 6 years ago I purchased a home with slightly sunken paver walkways and cobblestone edging. (See photo.) Over time, heaving pressure on only one side caused the cobblestone edging to shift laterally toward the walkway as you can see from the left side edging. (I just finished straightening the right side, yesterday.) As I removed and reinstalled the 70 cobblestones on the right side, I realized there were no restraints installed. I intend to add restraints to the ones already completed and do the job properly on the remaining 130+ cobblestones for the remaining walkways. I have paver edging restraint options and would appreciate comments on which to choose.

1. Polypropylene paver edging products, possibly something like Valley View Diamond Lok.
2. Cement - back filling cement against the lower portion of the cobblestone. Low cost option.
3. Cement plus rebar - adding rebar to the previous bullet.
4. Polypropylene plus cement - combination of the first and second bullet.

I would prefer the low cost option and know some of this is probably overkill but I have over 200 cobblestones around 28 lbs. each to lift out and put back so I only want to do this once. Thoughts, please.



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