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We had a paver paver patio and walkway put in at the back of our home, and the contractors installed the patio at a height that is almost flush with our patio door threshold. Instead of digging away enough dirt to account for the gravel, sand, and pavers, they only skimmed off the grass and then installed the gravel, sand, and pavers (ending up with the pavers being too high). The paver height as a result is bumped right up to the bottom of our sliding glass door threshold (instead of being 3-5 inches below the threshold). Also, the paver height as it relates to the siding is 1 1/2 inches above our siding, so we actually have pavers butting into our vinyl siding, and not the foundation. What has happened is we have had to fight these contractors every step of the way, and I am trying to determine what the proper elevation of these pavers should be in relation to house siding and patio door thresholds?

Can anyone provide some guideance / advice regarding what the proper elevation should be for our pavers? I told our contractors that it doesn't seem correct to have the pavers butting into our vinyl siding, but they said this was commonplace with pavers. My feeling is that the pavers need to be below the siding of the house, not above it----am I crazy? And also, this high elevation has not allowed proper drainage this spring as our snow has been thawing, and we have pools of water around our foundation. To me this is a no-brainer, this is because the paver height is too high! But I'm afraid I need some expert opinions to present to my contractor. While they have been fixing some mistakes, I feel like I have had to present them information / "how-to" materials in order for them to take me seriously. This girl needs help --- thanks!!!

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There is no way that any LEGIT 'scaper/contractor would even think of putting pavers against vinal siding. Take pics and take them to court if needed.

Did the not even install a base under this patio?
Any patio we do has a min. 6 in. base, plus one inch sand then pavers are set on top against foundation at least 4 in. from any siding.

How big a area, what did they charge +/-??

Would love so see some pictures

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Pavers should never be flush with any door thresholds in regions where there is snow accumulation. also, pavers should never butt up or against any siding or face material.

I suspect they did this to reduce the amount of soil, which had to be removed.

Go to this web site


See if your contractor is an ICPI certified installer.

The ICPI sets the industry standards for paver installation.

I hope this gets you started.

Good luck!


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Did you talk to your local building inspector?

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