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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by SCL, Mar 9, 2001.

  1. SCL

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    Pondersome question. We install pavers and usually excavate for installation with the skidloader bucket. Gets into some hand digging too. Just wondering if anyone uses other equipment that could make this aspect easier. Such as does anyone use a backhoe, rototiller, harley rake etc... Just food for thought.
  2. dan deutekom

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    we mostly use skidsteer. trouble is a lot of time can,t get machine into back yard then we get school kids as grunt labour using shovels and wheelbarrows. sometimes there just isn,t an easy way
  3. steveair

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    A mini-excavator and skidsteer is best combo. Thumb on excavator works great to remove old concrete walk/patios, as does a 4-1 bucket. If needed, can also bring breaker to go on mini to break up larger slabs. Only hand digging needed with a mini on the job is right next to foundation/pipes/utilities, etc. With two men, you can have the excavator load the bucket on the bobcat, and then dump directly into truck, which leaves a nice, clean site with little clean up.

  4. Stonehenge

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    I know Paul does some wall excavations with an excavator. Maybe he's done pavers with that, too.

    I had a customer use a rototiller to loosen up soil before they excavated (after exc we came in and finished the job). Soils here are too hard for a Harley. I tried to grade a little too deeply when I first got the thing and blew a seal. Big fountain of hydraulic fluid.

    We primarily use skid steer or hand dig.
  5. paul

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    We excavate most with the bucket on the skid steers, make sure you have teeth for them. On some we use a mini X but most are wide open so we don't have too many problems. When we put in path ways we sometimes roto-til the area before we start excavation, makes it go much faster plus less stress on the skid steer.

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  6. EarthTech Landscapes

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    i use a skidsteer most of the time. but sometimes the mini-x to. i have a scarfier attachment for the bobcat and it works great to tear up hard ground.
  7. CCLC

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    We use both the skid loader and hand labor. We have used a mini Excavator on rare occassions where it is practical. The mini loader (dingo, kanga, finn) would be great for sidewalks with a great deal of length.
  8. Guido

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    We use a 45 Ton Crane with a clamshell bucket loading a CAT D650 Quarry truck for the small sidewalks...... Oh, sorry I went off in a daze for a second! ;)

    Anyway, on larger areas, i.e. patio's, driveway's, picnic area's, etc, we use a skidsteer. For smaller sidewalks we use our mini-excavator. With the smaller equip, especially the mini-x, there should be very little handwork to be done.
    We rebuilt and road and sidewalk for 1400 feet along 3 hangars on our airfield and the sidewalk was right against the building. There was practically NO handwork after we were done with our mini-x in there. Dig over the side of the machine so you can keep driving down the sidewalk without having to keep re-positioning yourself all the time. Doing it that way, plus with the articulating boom, we were really able to get right up against the building.

    Hope this helps!

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