Paver Install Time Question

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by MDLawn, Sep 15, 2010.

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    What planet did you say you were from?
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    I agree, with my small skid steer. one guy two days, two guys one day 20 man hours. I would prefer 2 guys one day. I just did a 315 sq ft patio the a couple weeks ago there was 25 man hours into it without my skidsteer.
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    So basically what you are saying is one man does the job alone right, because one guy needs to be running the skid steer (which is the wrong tool to dig a patio btw especially in clay such as your area) and the other guy is hauling the fill out of there. So now you are alone doing this patio. Then with your mini skid steer you are going to fill the patio one bucket at a time, which is how much in your small skid? wheelbarrow and a half at most? Now lets assume that the granular stone is dumped in the front yard and the patio is out back, thats alot of time invested in driving back and forth with the skid (small skid that is) then what I want to know is who is doing the compacting while you are running back and forth, if its you then aint no one hauling granular and raking it while you are doing this. I don't have time to go on about it but in the real world that job is not feasible in twenty hours. I gotta get to work, have a nice day.
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    i didnt site here and cost this out.

    But a 300 SF patio would takes us no less than 2 days. re-grading, seeding, cleaning the road, etc. 1 day for the excavating / base install. 1 day for the paver install, cut pavers, install poly sand. Plus probably 3 hrs for the grading / seeding. MAybe 1 hr for the cleaning of the street.

    Not to mention the time for loading and mobilizing the tools and equipment. Unloading scraps at the yard, unloading left over pavers, etc., at the yard. Very important to account for such.

    This veteran contractor whom is known for quality and detail knows it'll be no less than 2 1/2 days. And really, we all know there is no such thing as 1/2 day of work.

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    We would be at 3 days with 3 men. no 1/2 day charge by the time your done screwing around with the small stuff-- like DVS said
    Also have 2 trucks on the job, a miniex, and possibly skid loader of some sorts, saws, compactor, and various other tools to get the job done.
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    I agree, realistically 3 days with 2 guys. Maybe a 3rd guy when you are laying pavers or cutting and sweeping joint sand depending, and cleaning up. Depends on how you operate of course, but there is no way to do all of that work in 20 man hours - not even close.

    I would have a mini-excavator and my one ton dump truck there for sure, in addition to all the smaller tools.
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    You guys are ridiculous and saying that a 300 sq ft patio should take 3 days with 3 guys.

    maybe if it was some intricate design then i could understand, but come on, 90 man hours to do a 300 sq ft patio. to dig and install base with two guys it should take no longer than 5 hours with a small skid steer. with a regular base of 8 inches, at 300 ft you only have 8 yards of material coming out and 8 going in. if you cannot move 16 yards of material with a small skid steer within five hours then you really need to get some training on how to use you machine.

    Just yesturday i put 15 yards of topsoil into a backyard within an hour and half as well as spread by myself. So with two guys and a skid steer you cannot move that much within five hours and compact it, then you should rethink your labor.
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    Also i am one of the guys on every job that i do, so i guess that would make a difference.

    I guess i can understand two laborers 35 man hours without me being one of the labor. that is understandable.
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    300 square? A little over 2 days with 3 guys, no skid or mini-ex or pad to tear out. If your guys can't hand dig and haul a 300 square patio, you may need new guys. Machines tear up the yard, feet don't.

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