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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by MDLawn, Sep 15, 2010.

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    As i said in a previous post that we did a 315 sq ft patio a few weeks back that took 25 man hours. that was hand digging me and one other guy, took us 3 hours to hand dig and move it all to street by wheel barrow (6 man hours). then another hour to clean up and dump the stuff (1.5 man hour). laborer leveled and compacted base before gravel installation (1 man hour). bring the gravel to back yard and spread and compact it. (4 man hours). Bring brick to back yard and install, (5 man hours). Cut the borders. (1.5 man hour). Install poly joint sand (1 man hour) grade around patio and lay new sod approx 150 sq ft. (3 man hours)

    23 man hours. tell if i am wrong. this is what it took to do the job 315 sq ft, add a couple hours for incidentals. there you have it 25 man hours for a 300 sq ft patio. if you cannot do it in that time frame you are doing something wrong.

    The place where we dug out was not hard to dig out, some areas around here are clay and some are sand, this was topsoil with a bit of sand.
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    I guess some of us are just slow and not "Hardscaping" geniouses....
    But at least I can bid my own work and not ask people here to help?????
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    well Hardscaping your just better than everyone arent you.

    I fail to see any efficiencies though so I dont know how you could replicate that for every job hard work is not something you can replicate in ohter employees either they do or they dont. we knocked a 900 square patio out in 2 days a few weeks ago too. I will be damned if I now start bidding all my 900 square patios at that man hour rate though. The stars were alligned for that one.
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    In a perfect hardscape world our employees would only charge from the moment they put foot on the job and not from the shop in the morning. These hours and road time need to be taken in consideration as well. Its all part of the job and accountable hours put into the job. Im not impressed at all.
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    I am glad you guys see it my way. lmao. j/k i understand that it takes employess longer to do jobs when they don't have someone working their ass off and telling them what to do exactly.

    I can understand with employees and not owners then yes it would take 3 of them 2 days. or 2 of them 3 days

    Sorry for arguing with you guys. I understand as well the hours dicking around in the morning to just get them going, ( i pick my employees up and they don't start getting paid until on the job, then i take an hour away for lunch and driving them home. Half hour if they drive them elves to job.) So yes i can understand that there would be a few more hours here and there with them talking to each other and taking their time.

    Hope things work out for you doing your own patio, i would say with just you, it will take about a full weekend (12 hours a day) plus the rest of the week to finish things off. bit by bit, just remember to get some tarps, if you are taking that long, you don't want it to rain on the patio it will just make things harder for you.

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