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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by excalibur, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. excalibur

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    Hi everyone - an amateur homeowner here that has been lurking for a while. I am planning on putting in a paver patio this spring and have most of the desing ready in my head. The wife and I have been trying to decide on a color scheme though and I was looking for some opinons or hopefully, pictures to sway the tide. Here is what I have designed so far:

    The patio is generally a 1000sf square with a small chunk taken out of the NE corner, making it look like a fat lopsided L. It will be bordered on the W by a white vinyl privacy fence, to the N by a concrete sidewalk and 2" river rock, to the E by 2" river rock, and to the S by the lawn. I am planning on excavating down about 11-12" to provide at least 9" of compacted recycle (2 lifts - Crushed concrete and pavement millings mix) over separation fabric over whacker compacted existing clay. The whole patio should be out of the overdig of the house (That is what the river rock to the E is all about). I am planning on using red holland pavers with a running bond pattern. What we are trying to decide on is the border course. I want to do a soldier or solidier sailor in Charcoal grey, while my wife is leaning toward just a red soldier.

    Any ideas?


  2. Rex Mann

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    Sounds like a plan. I would reconsider the running bond pattern. If your
    lines are off at all it will stand out. Why not a 90 degree herringbone pattern?
    Then use your charcoal pavers for the soldier course.

    Best of luck.



  3. excalibur

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    Thanks for the advice. I really like the running bond, but we will consider the 90 herringbone. Doesn't it have the same problem though as the block lines are still all paralell, but they are just separated by blocks at a 90 degree angle? Or is this little bit of a visual break enough to buy some "Cheat" room?


    p.s. I loked at your website - some nice work. My company has an office down there, but we do mostly municipal and developement engineering. If anything in the hardscape line comes open and I hear about it, I will pass on your name.
  4. SCL

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    I like the charcoal soldier idea. Agree with Rex on running bond. i did a 4000 sf circular drive in rb and almost drove myself crazy! ICPI will also tell you that HB is a stronger pattern and definitely helps with the visual appeal. Looks more refined in my opinion. Did another drive in the 4000 sf range in HB and it looks super. IMO RB is for sidewalks , not large areas like patios and drives.
  5. Guthrie&Co

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    check out blue max material here is charlote nc. there website has alot of paterns and pics of installs. maybe by looking at some of the pis it could help clear the water some..

    nevermind the other website has the same layout and pics.......

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