Paver Patio Drainage?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by djmn, Aug 1, 2006.

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    I'm installing a 500 sq ft paver patio that is bounded by the house and garage (see pic). At the end of this patio will be a freestanding courtyard wall (Allan Block Country Courtyard) and attached raised fire pit. The slope of the patio will run directly to the middle of this wall. I assume I need to provide some form of drainage for this area? I was thinking of 4" surface grates in the small nook areas on both sides of the fire pit. You guys think this is the best option?
    If so, I would run the pvc straight down under the base material and wall and run it out approximately 30 feet to a pop-up emitter by the curb.
    Does the raised fire pit also need some form of drain?
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  2. djmn

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    Bump. 124 views and no suggestions?
  3. Dirty Water

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    I like your idea of drains in the patio, you could even get some very ornamental ones instead of just plastic covers, they make some pretty fancy shower drains that could be adapted to your patio.

    I would use two drains in the lowest points at both sides of the fire pit. I would use 4" 3034 (SDR-31 drain line, the solid stuff) and tee the two drains together below ground.

    One thing I wouldn't do, is use a drain pop up, because I've seen them fail often. Instead, I would core drill the curb and let it drain directly into the storm gutter.

    As far as the fire pit. It wouldn't be a bad idea to incoperate a drain into that as well, but I would put it under a large amount of aggregate, to keep the heat off. I haven't done firepits before.
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    Thanks for the comments Dirty Water,
    I planned on using a pop up by the street because there is actually no curb to core drill through. It is an alley way and the asphalt runs even with the edge of the lawn. You said you've seen pop-ups fail a lot? What other option would you do? Maybe just use another grate on the end to allow the water to flow out?
    I'm still a little stumped about how to incorporate a drain in the raised fire pit. I was thinking a galvanised grate that would be attached to metal pipe until it meets up with the other two drains (therefore it wouldn't melt any plastic). I'm just wondering if soot and stuff would eventually clog the drain? I suppose I could put it under a little bit of aggregate, that might act as somewhat of a natural filter.
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    I doubt you will get enough water into the fire pit to cause any major problems.

    I would make the center of the pit hardpack limestone until it got above patio level, then probably create some "weep" holes in the block ring.

    As for draining through the wall, is there anyway to grade away from the wall, towards the house, in addition to draining away from the house to create a swale that goes out and around the wall? If there's enough room to do it, it would be a lot less of a maintenance headache than cleaning debris out of drains in the patio....

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    Thanks D,
    It sure would be a lot easier if i didn't need to try and incorporate a drain in the firepit. It's only 3' in diameter so I don't think it would collect that much water. Like you said, I would put a few weep holes along the block at patio level. As for grading away from the wall, I don't think i have the room and I really want to shy away from any water moving towards the house, so I think I'm stuck with using a couple of surface grates like I explained above. I just don't want any kind of "washout" happening with the bedding sand for the pavers. Do you guys see any problems with this plan?
    How far under the base material for the wall should i put the drain? I was thinking of putting the drain pipe on the compacted sub-surface then 6" of compacted class 2 aggregate on top of it. Standard 4" sewer PVC should stand up to the compacting shouldn't it?
    Thanks again.
  7. cgland

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    Be careful with weep holes in your firepit. The black soot stuff will stain the pavers over time.


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