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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Hayes Outdoor, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Hayes Outdoor

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    Now that is helpful, thanks. Okay when you say $12-$13 /sq. ft., does that just include the labor to install the pavers or does this include from start to finish, excluding price of material. Smitty, why do you figure I won't make any money the way I bid it (not mad, just want to understand). If my overhead is minimal, which it is, 1 guys salary, fuel,etc. Thanks
  2. Smitty58

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    $12 - $13 is for everything. 288 sq ft x $12 = $3456.
    Material will run you approx. $1300 ,then if you have to rent equipment add that in. It almost always takes longer than you think it will so you have to add for that ,especially on rentals. An extra day or 2 will kill your bottom line.
    So at your price you will make a little (what I should have said) but not much room for error there.
  3. DVS Hardscaper

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    Hayes - No insurance? Equipment maintenance / repairs / payments, office expenses, telephone?

    In your opening post you stated 3 workers.

    Now, it's 1 guy? What happened to the other 2? Hope they're ok................

    $12 - 13 / SF for 288 SF is very low. If the job is over 2,000 SF, that could be profitable.

    There are fixed costs that do not change, whether you're setting 1 paver or 2000 SF.

    The less the Square footage, the higher the SF price will *average* out to. the more the square footage, the lower the square foot price will *average* out to.

  4. PlatinumLandCon

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    You are killing the construction industry. I can't see you staying in business for 2 years, you must have started with a pile of savings to burn! You sound like the people that drive $hitty trucks, lay hardly any base, butcher cuts, put reg sand instead of polymeric, etc that all adds up to overall junk work and a black eye on the face of the construction industry
  5. DVS Hardscaper

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    I dunno bout poly sand vs reg sand, Platinum.

    Poly sand started becoming popular around 2001.

    Pavers have been on the ground since mid-evil times.

    We have thousands of square feet of pavers that we installed long before poly sand was ever thought of - all problem free.

    As far as trucks go - I had a truck with over 300,000 miles on it. 3 different colors. And I used it for estimating. It did not hinder my sales one bit. I know of MANY company with new, shiney trucks - that do sub-par work. You cant judge a contractor by his truck.

  6. AzLawnMan

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    My truck, a 2008 Ford f350 was in the shop for a recall one day and I took one of my work trucks to check properties, bid, etc. I pulled up to a high end neighborhood in my 1995 chevy 1/2 ton with no rear window and a spare tire on and outside was parked a brand new Bentley. The guy came out and I introduced myself, I was getting my books and he walked over to help and we actually BS'ed for a few minutes and not once did he say anything about my truck. In an hour I had a signed contract and was on my way. Word of mouth and past jobs get you work, not your truck. Oh and a nice polo shirt didnt hurt either.
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    Price is going to vary depending on location. In my area $13 for a simple job is normal, in other areas it could be different. I agree the larger the area the smaller the sq ft price will be and vice versa, within reason. That price is a starting price and you have to figure a bunch of other things in to arrive at your bid. I agree to a point that image is important like the condition of your truck, but the customer doesn't care if you have a 10 year old truck or a brand new top of the line truck. They just want the best workmanship for the best price. Don't cut corners on things like depth of base, other things like polymeric sand are debatable.
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  8. csl

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    i'm assuming you think i am the "dick" but i have been in business much longer than 2 years, and in the past 2 months we have already laid over 8,000 sq feet of pavers. so instead on sitting at your computer and turning red faced because we are mean, try and take this information in and learn from it. your facts dont add up and you cant keep hurting pricing like this. you are leaving out a lot of variables like deliveries, minimum pricing, rental fees and travel time. and if you think you can find a compactor for a grand than show me and i will buy 10. our last diesel plate packer was $5000. anyways, try and take this info in strides and dont call me a dick, i am just trying to help you make money and make sure our market stays afloat.

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