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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Texas Complete Lawn Care, Jun 27, 2014.

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    I got a new job for hedge trimming and mulching some flowers beds. She also took me around back to a 12x14 grassy area that she wanted to turn into a cement paver patio. with the pavers she picked out its gonna take 202 of these pavers. What would y'all charge for labor of the instalation? I have a number in my head but just wanted to check to see what people who do these jobs often charge.
  2. New2TheGreenIndustry

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    What are your rental costs? Excavator, plate compactor, saw? What's your cost for geotextile, base, bedding sand, edge restraints, pavers, and joint sand? How long is it going to take YOU?
  3. TPendagast

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    Access to the actual site is big deal… is it hard to get to the location or easy?

    How much turf damage will you do traversing equipment to and from the patio site that will need to be repaired?

    where will you dispose of the over burden from excavation?

    On a base bid you are looking at $3000.00

    But you could have this cost more based on the above.

    A patio meant for foot traffic, not vehicular traffic, depending on subsoil conditions, does not necessarily need geotex btw.
  4. JimLewis

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    Have you ever installed a paver patio before? Are you familiar with the proper installation practices for your area? All the materials you're going to need? Do you know how many hours this will take you to install?
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    Tip from a guy that works nights at a big box store, don't install it how big box store tells you how to install it. Learn from these guys. Never believe that numbers needed is going to be exact, your going to screw up a few, or the pavers are going to break (concrete is compression strong and tensile weak).
  6. ztman

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    Neighbor of mine just bought a JD tractor with a bucket. He thought it would be easy to excavate for a paver patio. He has no experience in installation, but its just a patio according to him, how hard can it be. He has been digging and leveling for three days. By the time he gets done, his base will be about a foot. If you don't have the experience and PROPER equipment, proceed very cautiously. It will take longer than you think
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    False! Its always a good idea to use fabric...
  8. Ditta&Sons

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    Unless you have built these patios before and know what youre doing i think you should pass it on to a pro....learn when to say 'Thats beyond my expertise'
    You obviously want the work, do you think you can learn how to properly lay a patio by the time the job starts? nobody wants to pay you to learn how to do something.
  9. cotyledon

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    8-10 $ per sq ft to install, plus cost of material plus 15%, 12x 14 is a small patio , and too close to being square to look good
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    yea of course… thats why manufactures ALWAYS give instructions to install it, in every situation, right?

    Or the fact that many types of geotex don't allow water to pass through?

    Then the water freezes and causes heaves?

    Oh I'm sorry you dint know any of that with your limited experience.

    Let's not include your opinion in true or false flexible situations…. hmmm?

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