Paver Patio Instalation

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Texas Complete Lawn Care, Jun 27, 2014.

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    My experience is far from limited...that's why I know what types of fabric to use for the application! Fabric is cheap insurance.
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    That was a little rude, TP.

    It's actually true and false. It's true that it's a good idea to use it in every installation, as long as you're using the right kind and if you have clay soils. Then it's a good idea pretty much always. But there are parts of the country (e.g. Arizona) where the caliche soil is so hard that it's basically rock. There's really no concern of heaving or settling at all because it doesn't freeze and the ground doesn't ever move. In those areas I know it's fairly standard to skip the fabric. And I probably would too.

    But I think in a lot of places in our country, it's better to use it than not to in almost every case. Just as long as your using the right kind.
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    Based on the question posted do you feel the OP has the same level of understanding?
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    It was rude to respond to my post of "depending on subsoils the geotex isn't always necessary"

    with a response like "FALSE!"

    as if he had some kind of experience over the course of decades in multiple states, in multiple soil types and different weather patterns that somehow, impossibly trumped mine?

    Which he clearly doesn't.

    Especially since you just restated exactly what I said with different verbiage.

    maybe you should look up a few posts and see how he responded to my post, so eager to shout out his oblivious opinion.

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