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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by B16bri, Nov 2, 2013.

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    Hey guys im new to pavers and am trying to learn as much as possible I know this is a basic question but I'm confused on how you achieve the proper drainage slope. I know your suppose to slope 1/8 inch for every foot so lets say im installing a 20X20 patio I know you would need about 2.5 inch in slope but how do you achieve this ? When your digging your 8 inches for the sand and paver base do you just dig the sloped side down 10.5 and than fill with an even amount of paver base or is there a better method Im sure there is and ide love some one to explain it to me again I understand this is a basic question i'm totally new with pavers just trying to learn So please be gentile lol

    Thanks Brian
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    Your pitch should be 1/4" per foot. Your excavation should mirror your final elevation in regards to pitch. Your excavation depth should be a minimum 9 3/8" if you are using a 2 3/8" paver. Here's how it adds up: 2 3/8" paver + 1" Concrete sand setting bed + a minimum 6" modified stone base. I say minimum above because you may have a deeper excavation depending on soil type which would make your modified stone base deeper.
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    ok but how do you actually excavate the slope. What steps do you take to make sure your achieving the proper slope Do you set up strings and than dig and measure until you get to desired depth ? Again I realize this is basic but i'm trying to lean and understand.

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    Set up string lines with the help of a laser level or a Ziplevel or a water level.
    We. Used to use the laser but bought a Ziplevel this year. Works great for setting elevations for patios and walls.
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    Use a transit for accuracy, know your finish grade at point a and b. Set up 12" higher on your grade stick and stop digging when the proper depth is achieved. Level with a rake and compact. Proper base pitch is not always achieved and can be an issue if clay is what you're digging in.
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    This guy is new.

    I doubt he has a transit or laser.

    Brian use a string line and a line level. The stung line is under $10. Line level will be about $3. At Home Depot.

    Will require 2 maybe 3 people. Hold the line level at the house and run it out to where pavers are to end. Measurement at house to be 8" and measurement at the end to fall to 10" or whatever depth you want. The fall should be gradual.

    I have NEVER used a calculation for pitching a pavement. Well, maybe twice in the last 17 yrs. we just gently pitch, working smart and using common sense.
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    Pull the string line tight to get a good read.
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    I just set my laser at 1.5%
    Huge time saver, but I still always check my fall with a string when I'm done.
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